Skin Yeast Infections

Although vaginal yeast infections might be the more common type of yeast infection, there are other types of yeast infections which can affect a person. These include penile yeast infections, mouth yeast infections and skin yeast infections.

All of these types of yeast infections are contagious and can be passed from person to person if contact is made with any portion of the infected area. For vaginal and penile yeast infections this normally occurs as a result of sexual intercourse with an infected person.

Skin yeast infections also occur in much the same way although not as a result of sexual intercourse. If you come into contact with a person who has skin yeast infections there is a good chance that the infection can be passed on.

The same applies to using the towel of a person with skin yeast infections. That’s why it’s recommended that you keep your towel separate from other towels while you have skin yeast infections and until you become cured.

Your clothes should also be kept separately as should any personal items. When your infection has cleared up you should continue this vigilance and launder your clothes and towel separately.

In fact although it might sound old fashioned you might want to first soak your infected clothes in boiling water beforehand as well to thoroughly eliminate all signs of the skin yeast infections.

Another thing that you can do if you suffer from skin yeast infections is to pat yourself dry instead of rubbing, the places where you have skin yeast infections. This will keep the abrasion of the towel down to a minimum and if you have a rash or irritation which is tender, this will help to contain the pain you might otherwise feel.

Just as there were no over the counter medications available for vaginal yeast infections until a few years ago, there are no over the counter medications available for skin yeast infections.

For skin yeast infections treatments you will need to ask your doctor what options are available to you. There will be a few, but they will for the most part be prescription medications.

You could if you wanted to, compliment these medications with such things as herbal teas, tinctures and oils, but you would want to ask your doctor beforehand to make sure that they didn’t react adversely with your medication.

Skin yeast infections are also relatively easy to diagnose, although it’s not recommended that you do so yourself. Going to trained medical personnel to get a diagnosis can save you a lot of time and wasted effort and will make sure that you get the necessary treatment.