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Skin Rash is a type of red bump that forms on your body. There are many reasons for the cause of skin rash. This word is freely used in normal language to denote a number of skin conditions.

Skin Rash Types

Most commonly occurring skin rash types are:

* Non-infected scaly patches on the skin.
* Red, itchy patches or bumps all over the skin.
* Scaly patches on skin caused by fungal or bacterial infection.

Skin rashes are rarely categorized as dangerous, but still warrant medical attention. Self-diagnosis for skin rashes should not be done. Proper evaluation of the skin rash type requires a doctor visit. The following list of skin rash types may help you to categorize the condition.

Non infected scaly patches on the skin:

Scaly and itchy skin rash type usually stands for a condition known as eczema.

Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is the most common form of eczema. “Dermatitis” means skin inflammation. “Atopic” refers to hereditary diseases. This skin rash type is normally hereditary which often starts in childhood with symptoms like scaly patches on the arms, legs, scalp and torso.

Atopic dermatitis may spread to inner elbows and knees during the teenage. Adults are affected by atopic dermatitis on the genitals, around the eyelids, on the hand and all over the body as well. These diseases may include hay fever, asthma and atopic dermatitis.

During atopic dermatitis, the skin turns extremely itchy and inflamed which may result in redness, swelling and cracking. Atopic dermatitis affects off and on for no apparent reason. It is at its worst in winter months, when the air becomes cold and dry.

Contact Dermatitis

The skin rash type caused due to contact with a specific material, which may cause allergy to the skin is know as contact dermatitis. For example poison ivy and jewelry containing nickel causes reactions. Only the touched part is affected by contact dermatitis.

Other Non-infected Scaly Patches

The other kinds of skin rash types are scaly rashes. Psoriasis is also a hereditary condition. Psoriasis affects the knees, elbows and pityriasis rosea, which forms scaly rashes on the chest and back and generally disappears in a month. Xerosis or very dry skin, may appear as rash during the cold, dry months of the year.

Red, itchy patches or bumps all over the skin:

Virus or allergy causes this form of skin rash type.

Allergic drug rash

Allergic drug skin rashes are the skin rashes, which are caused due to drug allergy. They start in about two weeks of a new medication. It is very doubtful that a medicine which has been prescribed for a few months or years to cause a reaction. There is no specific test to prove whether a skin rash is allergic as a result of which doctors recommend stopping a suspected drug to see the results.

Viral Skin Rash

Viral infections of the skin like herpes mostly occur on one part of the body, viral rashes also occur all over the body and are symmetrical. These viral rashes usually last about a week and vanish on their own.

Other Red, Itchy Patches Or Bumps

Urticaria or Hives are red welts that are itchy. They appear and disappear on different body parts. Most people use the term “skin rash” to describe the conditions of pimples or rosacea on the facial skin, because of the vagueness of the term. They certainly do not fall into any skin rash types.
Scaly patches on skin caused by fungal or bacterial infection:

Bacterial infections

The most common skin rash type caused by bacterial infection is impetigo. Impetigo is caused by strep germs and is more common in children. This again is not due to poor hygiene.

Fungal infections

Fungal infections are common but not as frequent as rashes in the eczema category. Hygiene is not the cause for fungal infections as clean people are also prone to them. Fungal infections are not contagious. The fungal infection skin rash type is not caught from animals, nor is it transmitted in gyms, showers or pools.