Skin Problems

Skin is the outer part of the human body which is visible and also we can say that the skin is plays a role as an interface between us and the environment. The fair, healthy and beautiful skin makes a person attractive. The beautiful skin is an important thing to make your first impression and the first impression is always last impression. So everyone wants to be more beautiful and handsome. But there are some skin problems which makes the skin ugly. Now these days, your appearance is become more important for establishing your status in the society.

A man’s skin prevents the effects of the sun, climate and other factors as air pollution. If we have problems in our skin then we called by the names like Pizza Face, Scar Face and Ugly. These skin problems include Acne, Dryness, Rosacea, Psoriasis, and skin blister. Acne is the main skin problem these day’s in men, women as well in Teens.


Acne causes outbreaks of lesions which are mostly called pimples. Skin’s oil glands are the main causing factor for acne which leads to plugged pores. Sometime it can be caused due to rapid fabrication of bacteria. Acne is mostly found on face, back, neck, chest and shoulders. Although acne is not considered as serious threat to health, but sometime it can lead to permanent scarring and disfiguring to skin.


Another skin problem includes skin dryness. Skin becomes dry and itchy due to dryness of air. Hum finder can be kept in home to put moisture in the air in winter session and dried up weather. The best moisturizers for treating dry skin include ointments, lotions and creams.


Another skin problem is skin blister. A blister (skin problem) is an amount of fluid that is intent under the skin, between two layers skin. There are some causes of blister as skin injury due to sunburn, skin cold exposures and friction burn . Some of other cause which tend to skin for blister are chicken pox, cold sores, athlete’s foot eczema. There are some symptoms for the blister type skin problem as sores and skin lesion. Sores are also of different type: cold sores, spot, pus and bed sores which affecting the skin. The causes of soures are found more easily if other symptoms are exist. So we cure easily from sores after identified their causes and symptoms.

So for curing these type of skin problems listed above we have need to collect information about types of skin problems, their cause and symptoms and consults to doctor immediately.