Skin Diseases and Natural Skin Care Products

Are you suffering from a skin ailment?

The most common skin diseases that affect the major percentage of the population across the globe are acne, dandruff (seborrhea), eczema and psoriasis. Not only do they look odd on facial and other exposed parts but are itchy, red and irritating.

Acne and dandruff affect people of all ages, cutting across geographical boundaries and regions. Understanding what psoriasis, acne and seborrhea have in common, except that they are names of skin diseases!

All of them have scaly dead skin cells accumulation with redness, itching and thickening of skin patches. While Psoriasis affects elbows, knees, scalp, back, fingernails and toes, dandruff is restricted to high sebum areas like face, scalp and trunk. Acne also affects the trunk, facial skin, back and scalp. These skin diseases are a constant source of continuous discomfort, finding the right skin treatment from these diseases is the quest of all patients.

Finding the right skin treatment products is a challenge in itself. Have you ever tried finding a shampoo for dandruff? You know how tough it can get with the innumerable choices, each claiming to be the best to eliminate dandruff. But, thatÂ’s just a marketing gimmick, which as a wise consumer you should not fall for. Attractive packaging, bright colors should not blind you to buy it. Go in for herbal skin treatment products as the best way to combat your skin diseases. There are many things to look for while buying a good skin treatment product.

Go in for skin products that are natural, chemical free and easily absorbed by the skin. While symptoms of seborrhea can be greatly reduced, by applying pure, organic coconut oil on the affected part. Usually it affects the scalp so massage a fair amount of the oil and leave it for some time before washing with shampoos that have zinc pyrithione, nizoral and salicylic acid.

Psoriasis is also greatly reduced by anti biotic gel treatment in sever cases, while mild cases can be helped with application of pure oils and intense moisturizing medicated creams. For acne care buy products that are good astringents and tone up the skin containing citrus fruit extracts like lemon and orange. Natural and herbal extracts of neem (Azadirachta Indica) in pure organic creams have also showed good results. The most important aspect of using herbal and organic base skin treatment products is that the side effects are greatly reduced. So, whether you are suffering from acne or psoriasis or even seborrhea, nature has in store many cures for you!