Skin Care Tips when you reach your 40’s and 50’s

Most of you know that the signs of aging will start to show when you reach your 40’s. You don’t have to show the effects of early aging now as there are ways to fight the aging process. People can remain active, healthy and youthful through the “middle-aged” years and even on to being what could be called a “senior.”

Skin problems and signs of aging can begin to show. You may be exercising, eating nutritious meals, and taking care of your appearance but still there can be signs of aging. Yes, there are ways to slow the signs of aging and wrinkles and to stay young and healthy.

We can blame some of the problems on gravity. Muscles pulling and then relaxing cause loss of elasticity in the skin. Age spots become more noticeable and the skin takes longer to recover from stress and fatigue. Bags can begin to form under the eyes, and the neck and jowls sag. Fat builds up in other areas of the body and stubbornly refuses to leave. Moles, warts, and other skin flaws that were barely noticeable when you were younger are now showing up with glaring effect. Let’s look at some of the procedures that can be used to make your skin appear younger and healthier.

Liposuction is a technique that can be used to take those fatty deposits that refuse to go away with normal dieting and exercise. Liposuction can be done in the office and there is little or no risk to the patient. This technique allows the surgeon to sculpt the body into one with a pleasing contour with few side effects and quick recovery. Liposuction is considered one of the safest surgeries performed in America.

Lines, wrinkles, and bags can be taken care of with several different methods. Filling in wrinkles with fillers or collagen is a common method of contouring the face and removing those fine lines and wrinkles. Botox injections also are used to fill in lines and wrinkles that are associated with facial expressions. The blepharoplasty procedure removes excess skin from around the eyelids. Brow lifts are another way of taking care of reducing lines on the forehead and keep it from sagging over the eyes.

Chemical peels are a little more drastic but still used often in removing wrinkling, sun damage, and discoloration. Laser resurfacing is also a good way to treat other facial blemishes such as birthmarks, uneven coloring, and erasing wrinkles. Dermabrasion may also be performed to remove the outer layer of skin cells on the face and will allow new skin cells to develop and revitalizes collagen production.

Skin cancer is a real danger at this time of your life. Although it can appear any time, you are at a much greater risk if you are over 50. Most skin cancers are curable but the secret is early detection and intervention. There are three types of skin cancer you should be aware of, basal cell cancer, squamous cell cancer, and the most dangerous malignant melanoma. Skin cancer can be treated with several different methods. This decision concerning the best treatment options will be between you and your surgeon.