Skin Care Tips For Men

Traditionally men used to work outside – hunting for meat, herding cattle and whatnot. These outdoor activities exposed them to massive doses of sunshine. While this gave them a deep tan it also gave their skin the look of wrinkled leather.

A man’s skin care routine at that time would include splashing water on the face to cool off, an occasional shave and an even more occasional bath. Needless to say the term ‘skin care’ would have made them laugh their spurs off or completely confound them.

Obviously, times changed as men started putting on suits and ties, but their skin routine was still lacking. The occasional shave of yore became a daily ritual, soap was added to the splashing of the face, and the infrequent bath evolved into daily showers. Applying alcohol based colognes and after-shaves was an added option for special occasions. This was all a step up to be sure, but for healthy skin it just wasn’t enough.

All in all a man’s skin care routine had not changed that much, until recently. Within the past decade or so there has been a general explosion in the interest of men’s health this includes caring for the skin. It is almost as though men are starting to notice they really have skin that needs to be cared for.

However for many men the idea of skin care remains completely foreign – or worse: too girly! (in their opinion). Women may find it difficult to explain their skin care regimen to the men in their lives. Of course, more men than ever before do take care of their skin and there has been a likewise explosion in skin care products made specifically for the male market.

Masks, exfoliants, cleansers, moisturizers and any combination of those alone or added to ‘traditional’ products. Facials, manicures and full spa treatments, once the exclusive domain of women, are now gaining acceptance among men. The current buzzword for these men is “metrosexual”, but, to be honest, most men find that term suspect.

Some men still think skin care isn’t ‘manly’. There is nothing ‘girly’ about wanting healthy skin nor is there anything wrong with wanting to prevent acne or skin cancer. Many men who use skin care products don’t want other guys to know; but real men don’t worry about what other people think. Still, manufacturers know that men do not want to smell like flowers or fruit, so they make products that have a more masculine scent, or no scent at all.

Guys like to be tough but need to be gentle when washing their faces. Men’s skin tends to be thicker than a woman’s. Yet, the same basics of skin care apply to both sexes. Keep the skin clean, avoid the sun, stay moisturized, eat right, drink plenty of water and do not smoke.

If you have a man in your life who does not yet practice good skin care, take a few moments to explain the benefits to him. Making more money or looking their best are two reasons most men can relate to.