Skin Care Tips – Care For Normal Skin

Normal skin is neither oily or dry. The skin is fresh, clear and supple. The pores are neither too tight or too large. Normal skin types can tolerate the vast majority of skin protection creams. With proper skin care your fresh appearance is easily maintained. Makeup looks smooth and lasts well; may experience minor breakouts related to a “big night out”, hormones, or stress. Normal skin has an even tone, soft, a smooth texture, no visible pores or blemishes, and no greasy patches or flaky areas. This type of skin has a clear, fine-textured, supple and smooth surface which is neither greasy nor dry. There may be occasional pimples in women just before menstruation due to increased hormonal activity, which makes the sebaceous glands overactive. Normal skins can also be ‘Normal-To’s’ as in normal to oily or normal to dry. Wash your face with cleansers that are designed for your normal/normal-to skin type.

Apply moisturizer more frequently to dry skin. Use oil-absorbing makeup to reduce shine. Normal skin requires is cleaning it twice a day with a mild baby soap and water and toned with something mild, like rose water. Washing your face with plain refrigerated yogurt every night makes most acne cases vanish within a few days.
Fruits and vegetables do help a lot in keeping our skin smooth and supple. They help us ward off infections so that our skin remains blemish free. They contain essential nutrients, which can help give our skin that rosy glow indicative of good health. To give your skin that extra nice glow, try extracting the juice from half an orange or a piece of tomato. Apply this on your face using a lightly massaging action and leave it on for a few minutes.

Avoid touching your skin as much as possible. Avoid direct heat on the face-including that from blow dryers. Make-up on your eyes should be removed before going to bed with an oil based eye make-up remover. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is essential to healthy skin. Smoking is another dangerous enemy causing your skin to look pasty and giving blackheads a chance. Cool your skin with a freshening toner : wonderful in hot weather and refreshing in cooler. Don’t rub your skin around the eyes, we don’t want to encourage any wrinkles. Skin can be exposed to hundreds of different chemicals a day. A solution which can often help is to be careful of products you use in your home, changing to organic or natural cleaning materials.

Normal Skin care Tips

1. Avoid direct heat on the face-including that from blow dryers.

2. Always use a mild, oil-based moisturizer under makeup to help retain surface moisture.

3. Soap and water are perfect for lifting and removing dirt.

4. Get enough sleep. Around eight hours should do the trick, you will look so much better minus the dark circles and eye bags.

5. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is essential to healthy skin.

6. Avoid alcohol and Smoking because it giving blackheads and acne.

7. Aloe vera is used for softning the skin.

Because your skin has unique needs, HumiNature has developed several different face care product regimens to provide the best possible care for your particular skin type. Each is based on completely natural, non-soap cleansers, alcohol free toners and balancing moisturizers. Each is gentle, hypoallergenic and helps prevent and/or repair damage.