Skin Care Supplements

What is a beauty supplement? A beauty supplement is a daily skin care supplement for women to delay skin aging process and boost skin radiance, looking great at their age. Some has call it the anti-aging supplement.

It contains special formulated ingredients which can work from inside the body to repair your dull complexion, treat your pigmentation problems, firm your skin, and prevent appearance of lines and wrinkles. It is a skin deep treatment which works from inside your body to strengthen your skin, collagen and elastin tissue in order to enhance skin smoothness and suppleness.

It is advisable to combine skin care products, healthy diet, follow a positive lifestyle and good habits together with taking daily skin care supplement to keep your skin, looks and age in tip top condition. Women as early as in their 20s have started taking skin care supplement to maintain their looks and gain their self esteem.

It is best recommended for those of you who are busy coping with hectic and very stressful lifestyle. A tired and stressful condition would easily lead to dull, devitalize, dehydrated and damage skin.

Most beauty supplement, contain a combination of sea marine extract such as seaweed and algae extracts, good vitamins such as vitamins A,C,E, nutritious ingredients such as soy, fruits and vegetables extracts, and antioxidant properties such as grape seed, green tea and other herbal ingredients. There are also some which contain traditional herbs such as aloe vera, ginkgo, ginseng, Chinese angelica, horsetail and pearl powder.

Some beauty supplement are formulated using HGH, which is known as Human Growth Hormone. HGH reverse the aging process by increasing your energy and reduce lines and wrinkles on the skin, making you look younger than your age.

The very traditional method using eastern beauty remedies such as Jamu is very popular among the Asian people as well as in some western countries. Jamu pills are made of natural ingredients such as flowers, seeds, roots such as ginger and turmeric, tree bark and herbal leaves.

There is also the ayurveda method, using the holistic approach to improve ones appearance and skin complexion. The ayurveda method is not only use for detox today, it has also advanced into using ayurveda Indian herbs in formulating anti-aging tablets to decrease aging and rejuvenate skin appearance.

Apart from skin care supplements which slow down aging process, there are also oral formulations developed specially for melanin skin, to fight pigmentation, freckles, spots and uneven skin tone (melasma). Those of you who have hyper pigmentation problem hoping for a brighter and clearer skin condition may try to combine using a range of pigmentation skin care products, taking anti-pigmentation skin care supplements daily, avoid over sun exposure and taking a healthy diet full of multivitamins and highly anti-oxidant food.

For pimple and acne oral solution, try neem supplements which helps to cleanse your blood from within to heal your pimple and acne. Most anti-acne supplements work to cleanse, remove heat and toxic from inside the body, combine with using anti-acne range of skin care product and taking vitamin A supplement, the whole system is effective in treating serious acne. If your acne problem does not heal, consult a doctor for antibiotics treatment.

Taking beauty supplement will not 100% solve your skin problems, unless you positively adopt a healthy lifestyle by consuming healthy food, sleep well, use good skin care products, protect your skin from the sun, quit smoking and reduce stress.