Skill Requirements for Truck Driving

A trucker might be an interesting job to have. You get to work at night where there is hardly any jam at all and you get from one town to one another, sometimes even states. This is suitable for those modern-day lone rangers.

But just like any occupation, before anybody becomes a truck driver, he has to be suitable for the position.

There is a high demand for truck drivers all over the United States of America. Truckers are the 21st century’s messengers. Most think that anybody can just bag a truck driving stint. Now that is where they’re wrong. The trucker must be eligible to be an employee of the trucking company. Because he represents the company, he must go through some truck driver training.

A trucker must have a Social Security Number. Just like any other companies, the trucking company does a background check on their employees, including the truckers. Background check process includes verifying checks regarding criminal background and motor vehicle reports. They also conduct verifications on the employment history.

A trucker must be 22 years old or above. There is no special license if he wants to apply in the trucking industry. All he needs it to have a valid driving license from his home state.

Just like any other positions, the trucker must go through physical exams. Department of Transportation ensures that a healthy trucker equals to less vehicular accidents happening along the freeway in the middle of the night. These physical exams include drug screens which detect illegal substances like cocaine and marijuana. If the trucker gets the job, the trucking company requires him to take random testing during his stay in the industry.

If the trucker is a beginner, then he must enroll in truck driving schools. Driving trucks are a lot harder to manage than your SUVs. We’re talking high bulks of packages with you. A trucker normally drives ‘semis’ or what is normally called ’18 wheelers’ – as often heard in the movies.

Most of the time, a truck driver goes to his destination alone. But there are trucking companies which assign two truckers to one assignment so that they can keep each other awake or take turns in driving.

Experience in trucking may also mean more possibilities for you in the industry. Once the trucker has one year worth of experience in this field, then he gets more regional and local projects. This is a career that can literally take you to places.

People ask how come there is a quick and high turnover with truck drivers. That is because, truckers leave their posts without fully recognizing how beneficial it is for them. They think society looks down at truckers. Another reason is that truckers who are husbands and fathers cannot stay in this job for too long because it is an on-the-road lifestyle. By accepting projects, they are always away from their loved ones. Then there are those truckers who were hired but sooner or later because drivers with bad habits, often leading to accidents due to their poor decision making.

Normally, a truck driver earns $35,000 to $40,000 in a year. That is for his first year only. As the years progress, there is a $5000 to $10000 dollar increase in his paycheck.

Regardless of what society thinks, truck driving is a stable and reputable career. These truckers are constantly in demand to make deliveries of commodities from one state to another. Also, do you think you will have products in your local groceries, drug stores or malls had it not been for these truckers delivering those goods from their manufacturers?

Truckers are a part of the microcosm of economics in the United States and must not be looked down on. This article alone is proof that shows before anybody becomes a trucker, he has already proven that he is credible to get the position – just like any employee applying in any corporation.