Skateboards with Attitude

There are over hundreds of brands to choose from, and since the subject is not about the durability or the construction of the skateboard itself, most skateboarders would also emphasize style and graphics to deliver a statement.

Graphics have been something of a mystery ever since the history of skateboards, and haven’t been a topic of discussion considering that the skateboarder makes the skateboard, and how it’s being used. For most beginners, it may help to have a decal or two emblazoned on the skateboard, to give an illusionary effect when it comes to attaining enough confidence to dropping in on a skatepark. Some would rather just do it themselves with some spray paint, but it wouldn’t hurt to know what sort of companies that offer graphic designs for skateboard decks.

Death Skateboards is all about making fun of death in a way, where the crossbones have a more hilarity to it that would make serious skater just laugh and have fun in the process. Most of their designs are a basic black and white, with some colored with varying graphics just meant for the fun factor. The decks are made with a high-grade 7-ply board complete with their own line of wheels as well as apparel.

5boro is a New York based company with a lot more city-slicker factor when it comes to their deck graphic designs. It offers an array of decks to choose from ranging from the hip-hop motif to religious artifacts that would catch the attention of skateboarders all over.

Alien Workshop is also another brand that has a more interesting approach when it comes to graphics. Somewhat art deco to the surreal, or just plain classic, their decks graphic design are created for the imaginative, reaching out to the weirdness that is human enough to comprehend. They also offer various apparel and accessories to trick out the skateboarder for that feel good attitude as they carve the streets with their decks.

Other ways to trick out the skateboard is to know of an artist who can use an airbrush. Depending on the friendship level (in order to get it for free), some shops have their own graphic artists in order to create some custom jobs for plain-looking skateboards.

More than just pimpin’ their ride, graphic designs have made skateboarding a more interesting and even artistic to a point as they perform feats and tricks that others would soon follow suit.