Skateboards for Kids

When it comes to skateboards, there are no age limits that would prevent them from learning the basics as long as they have a sense of balance, encouragement and old enough to know about minor injuries are. It may sound difficult at first, but kinds can go straight to using skateboards used by teenagers and adults.

One thing for sure, cheap skateboards with their favorite cartoon characters are essentially unsafe, so much like skateboards are dangerous by nature without the proper knowledge and practice that goes with it. Considering this thought, it would be best to spend the proper amount for a quality skateboard and some stickers if they want Mickey on the deck.

Skateboard companies have been investing in producing some of the best complete skateboards in the market today for as low as $70. They many not be the ones the pros use, but they are certainly made with the same quality materials and assembly that made the company famous for. Angelboy, for example have a line of complete skateboards that comes complete with graphics of, mostly cartoon style, characters that are not too violent for anyone’s taste and vibrant at the same time.

This way, they’ll be able to use the skateboards until they reach their teen years. If the kid’s knowledgeable about skateboards, they may want to buy the pro grade skateboards. They may cost more than $100, but they would probably use it for as long as they can, and that would be years.

World Industries offer the same lineup of complete skateboards with their own characters especially for kids. Ranging within the $70 mark, the construction is solid and would not break easily, lest the child actually smashed it or it gets run over by accident. Graphics-wise, they represent more on simple humor but with vibrant designs that would keep the kid’s attention on the skateboard for longer periods.

And the most important part when getting a kid his or her first skateboard is the necessary protection gear needed. Helmets and knee and elbow pads are a must, especially when the kid have managed to get the basic s of skateboarding on their own and work their way up to some basic tricks.

Such gear may have to be bought a few times, depending on how much the child has grown, but it’s money well spent on a hobby, and maybe even career as the child develops the love and appreciation in skateboarding.