Skateboarding UK

The United Kingdom is no stranger when it comes to skateboarding, and more so when they suggested to include skateboarding in the upcoming Olympics to be held in the UK as well. This might be a big break for skateboarders out there, but sometimes it’s good to take things nice and easy, as well as wild.

There are over a thousand skateparks registered in the UK, and it has been home for one of the best skateboarders to compete in the annual World Cup Skateboarding to be held in different locations around the world.

There is not much different when it comes to English skateboarders, although there are probably just a handful of terms they may use, it’s just the same as that in the US. Anything from skateboarding terms and definitions, the parts of a skateboard (some may be just a bit different) and at times they may go for the extreme when it comes to skateboarding. One of their best influences that took skateboarding in the UK by storm is during the 90s, especially when Tony Hawk has executed a successful 900 on the half-pipe.

For now, skateboarding in the UK is a strong as ever, although the same would have been said with the skateparks. There has been a handful of skateparks in the UK that is worth visiting, while the rest suffers from lackluster design and safety procedures that would drive UK skateboarders away. The United Kingdom Skateboarding Association was established on 2005, to help rehabilitate some of the danger prone skateparks in order to ensure existing and novice skateboarders a place for them to just let loose and ride.

As for the UK pro skateboarders, there have been a couple of them such as Ryan Sheckler and Gavin Strange, who have competed in the US X-Games, Mystic SK8 (Skate) in Prague as well as the World Cup Skateboarding.

There have been issues when it concerns skateboarding in the UK, and usually comes from certain counties (similar to States in the US) that may have little to no access to skateboarding. Although they may find a majority of them in major cities such as London, rural areas in the UK may or even may not even heard of skateboarding.

As for manufacturers, most of the owners are skateboarders themselves who have managed to keep the passion alive as they promote skateboarding in other parts in the UK.