Skateboarding Record Attempts

With skateboarding around, a lot of people have been attempting to go for the highest jump, grind or fall that would dominate the record for years, or probably days to come. Of course, these skateboarders know the risks involved, whether they are professional or amateur, and have dedicated their lives to beat the current rank.

Here are a few records that still stands today.

Gary Hardwick held the fastest speed on a skateboard, reaching up to 63 miles per hour. Though he claimed to have reached even higher, more so from other competitors, he still stands as the fastest skateboarder to date. Probably the only one who may have broken the records is Biker Sherlock, only while being towed by a motorcycle at 90 miles per hour.

Tony Hawk still holds the record for the 900, or two and a half turns on the vertical ramp. No other skateboarder has come close to achieve it, although there have been some attempts on beating the record by executing a 1080, or three full turns.

The highest ollie ever achieved is from Danny Wainwright a UK borne skateboarder as he reached a height of 44.5 inches. There have been attempts to beat the record, and one Peruvian skateboarder did attempt. Sadly it was a video and not a live attempt.

Danny Way was known to have attempted to jump across the Great Wall of China, and succeeded without the help of any special equipment or motors. He also broke the highest aerial jump that at 79 feet. This was his way of a skateboarder who lives for the passion, and lives to prove it again.

Rob Dyrdek was the first person to hold the most number of consecutive ollies, a total of 46 and was featured on an MTV show a few months back. No one has come close to breaking the record as of yet.

The number of record holders listed are but a few, only because that these tricks are considered base. Ollies, turns, twists and even speed are common elements that would ensure the skateboarder’s success rate in executing them. So what does that mean to an average skateboarder? For one thing, it may take some time before another skateboarder would attempt and managed to break any of these records.

It may not be possible now, but with sheer practice and determination above anything else, any skateboarder will soon make a name for themselves as being the only one to outdo the other.