Skateboarding for a Living

If the folks back in the 80s and 90s would scoff at the idea of skateboarding for a living, well, let’s just they were half right. Skateboarding requires a passion that is bigger than their own, and practicing does make perfect when it comes to being sponsored as a skateboarder. It would be a long journey, though, but the effort would be worth it.

Any skateboarder would be able to get a sponsorship in some of the major companies that are included in sporting events and the like. To start of is just practice the maneuvers and the tricks that would impress the sponsor. One such way is to have a friend film the skateboarder as he or she performs some of the moves. It can be anything and it’s like doing an video autobiography. In a way a writer would send their work to a publisher or literary agent, editing the video and showing only their best moves for a “sponsor me” video would keep it away from the slush pile.

Any town may have a skateboarding competition, regardless of the size and population. Checking online would be more useful, which the skateboarder may have to take time to travel in order to win. Starting off with local competitions and winning their way to more tougher ones would definitely be good when it comes to writing a resume for sponsorship.

Once the skateboarder have achieved the desired competition winnings and managed to perform never-seen tricks, it’s time to talk to the sponsors. There are practically thousands of small and large skateboard companies that are looking for fresh talent in order to endorse them. Sometimes it helps to start small by having a local skate shop sponsor the skater as he or she wins competitions and garnering a reputation. Eventually, larger companies for skateboarding or products involved in skating would be thrilled to have them in their roster.

Most skateboarders would find themselves to have a bit of an attitude at times, whether or not it borders on straightforward arrogance or just being angsty, sponsors are business people that have little patience for such people. Even though they are purely business, one thing they are looking for a skateboarder to sponsor is for their love to skate.

Playing it cool and having fun is all about skateboarding, and getting a good sponsor would definitely be a perk in order to achieve superstardom.