Skateboard Trucks

It would be interesting if the future’s skateboards are the ones from Back to the Future, but it may be a long way to find hoverboards that would allow faster speeds and better turns that anything.

In a way, skateboard trucks or axles is an important part of the skateboard that would determine how the skateboarder would perform tricks or even just for cruising. The four major parts of the truck is the axle or hangar, kingpin, bushing and baseplate. Except for the bushing, these parts are made primarily of aluminum alloy for durability as well as its lightweight composition.

The baseplate is where it connects to the deck, and the kingpin should be face in, or there would be some dire effects like leaning to the right would actually send the board to the left. The bushing serves as the main cushion, as well as allowing the skateboarder to turn once they place their weight on one direction. Eventual wear and tear would deteriorate the trucks, as well as damaging it at some point so it would be best to replace them if the shock absorption seem to be opt of place.

Another thing to keep in mind is the hangar, the part where grinds can be performed. Sometimes a defective or damaged bushing would lock the hangar in place upon landing. In a way when steering from old cars tends to lock when braking, this skateboarding term is called an axle slip, and sometimes it can be remedied by banging the axle back in place. In the end it would damage the truck altogether.

Just like any driver would have their preferences when it comes to the stiffness for the gas, brake or even steering wheel, the truck acts the same way. Where most skateboards sold in stores anywhere, the kingpin is tightened during manufacturing, and can be tightened or loosened. Of course the skateboarder would determine the kingpin grip level, and better not to listen to tips or suggestions from other skateboarders since they have their own preference. Of course, a tight kingpin would make for easier flip tricks, while loose kingpins would be good for cruising.

The truck’s weight can be as heavy between 10 to 13 ounces, and would depend on the skateboarder themselves. It would be best to try out the different types of skateboards with the emphasis on truck weight to see if it can deliver better flips or tricks. Sometimes the skateboarder’s strength and weight would determine as well.