Skateboard Organizations

One may wonder how skateboarding events can be organized without much difficulty, which like any election also involves donations and fundraising and the like.

There are several organizations that reaches out and handles the concerns and needs for skateboarders to know where to compete, as well as for fans to know where they can see them in action. There is a list of some of the best and dedicated organizations for skateboarding.

The IASC (International Association of Skateboard Companies) has been a collaboration of many of the world’s skateboard companies that would help in organizing and fundraising to create awareness of skateboarding as a means of fulfillment and recreation. Their members not only consist of such companies, but as well as other organizations and scholarships in order to seek out some of the best skateboarders during competitions.

With a portfolio of over hundreds of small and large skateboard companies, they have managed to support and advertise most of the competitions in the US, Europe and Asia.

The Tony Hawk Foundation is also another organization that helps low-income communities to have their own skateparks. Not in the sense of grandeur, but every grant requested would determine the overall population of skateboarders, as well as the need for one. Since skateboarding is dangerous, the foundation would provide the necessary funding for a good-sized skatepark for children and teens to go all out when it comes to skateboarding.

Action Sports Alliance is among one of the few and the proud, allowing female skateboarders to be known and recognized by a male-dominated sport of skateboarding that provides amateur and/or professional events across the country. Calling out to existing competitions in terms of prizes, events, as well as searching for sponsorship for women skateboarders, the ASA have been a boon to many women considered as the unsung heroes, brave enough to ride the vertical half pipe along with the guys.

These are some of the best organizations when it comes to delivering the best out of any skateboarder in the world. There are other organizers, mostly in their local State, but these three have been around when it comes to major competitions such as the X-Games, World Cup Skateboarding and the like to help promote and for other companies to be aware when it comes to searching for fresh talent.

Nowadays, skateboarding is considered as a competitive sport that is almost akin to surfing, where concrete waves are ridden with the courage and tenacity of these men and women. And It’s all in the name of good fun.