Sizzling Football Action With Cincinnati Bengals Tickets

To catch some truly sizzling football action, do yourself a favor and get some Cincinnati Bengals tickets. The Bengals have become famous for a number of winning plays and for putting up a rousing game of football each time they hit the field. With Cincinnati Bengals tickets, you know you’re about to see some world-class football.

The Bengals are part of the National Football League and are currently affiliated with the American Football Conference and the AFC North. The team’s home stadium is Paul Brown Stadium and the Bengals currently boast of six Division Championships and two Conference Championships.

Brown’s Bengals

It is common knowledge that Paul Brown was an extremely important part of Bengal football and one of the reasons for high Cincinnati Bengals ticket sales. The team was formed in 1968 and under his coaching, the team notched up 15 wins, 27 losses and 1 tie in their first three seasons itself. Brown distinguished himself and the Bengals in a number of ways. Brown made it a point to recruit players who had above average intelligence as well as good game prowess. This resulted in a number of Bengal players being able to work as sports columnists, journalists and commentators later in their careers.

Brown was also adept in finding players and recognizing talent in a number of different areas. Under Brown, a number of key players emerged on the football field and Cincinnati Bengals tickets were in demand by football fans across the country. While the team won a number of Division titles and two Conference championships, a Super Bowl win remained elusive. Till date, the Bengals have not been able to win a Super Bowl title though they have made the playoffs.

The Slump

By the late 1980s, Paul Brown had already transferred much of his control over to his son. However, after Brown passed away in 1990, the Bengals began to slide dramatically in their performance. Following BrownÂ’s death, the Bengals logged a dismal 14 seasons of consecutive losses. Sales of Cincinnati Bengals tickets began to slip as well and it became obvious that the team needed a shot in the arm in order to get back in gear. In 2003, Marvin Lewis was brought in as a new coach and the team is looking to improve their performance and aim for that elusive Super Bowl.

One of the reasons why Cincinnati Bengals tickets keep selling so well is because of the number of things the Bengals have contributed to NFL culture. One of the most memorable is what is known as the Icky Shuffle, a term used for the celebratory dance Ickey Woods would do after scoring a touchdown. The Bengals are also known for their No-Huddle Offense, which worked as a great deterrent to the rival team’s defense positioning and tactics. The West Coast Offense or the Paul Brown Offense is a high-percentage passing tactic that was also made popular by the Bengals.

A number of football fans have already bought their Cincinnati Bengals tickets in anticipation of seeing the team make another go for the Super Bowl. You can catch the action as well by getting your tickets online through an authorized ticket vendor.