Six Tips To Help You Cure Your Acne With At Home Remedies

Although there are some at home acne solutions that work very well, you’ll need to know “fact” from “fiction”
and be thorough in your research in order to determine what really will work and what could make your acne
potentially worse than it already is.

Let’s dispell a couple of myths right off the bat. Myth #1. Having acne means that you’re “dirty” or a “dirty
person”. This is absolutely untrue. If anyone has ever said this to you before than they’re a complete,
uninformed idiot that needs to keep their mouth closed until they have something nice to say!

Myth #2. Chocolate causes acne. This is not based on fact.

Let’s focus on some things that will help you to cure or prevent acne that you can use from home.

#1. Let’s start in the refrigerator. You really need to watch your diet. Although chocolate hasn’t been proven
as a cause of acne, packaged, processed foods ARE bad for you period! You need to include lots of fresh
fruits and vegetables in your diet. Citrus fruits are extremely helpful for battling acne. Limes, lemons and
oranges will help you to naturally clear your skin.

#2. Drink lots of water. Water will help to flush toxins that build up in your system. You should be drinking
a lot of water anyway as part of a good health routine, but it is especially important for those individuals
with skin problems. Six to eight tall glasses per day will help you a lot. No soda pop substitute!

#3. You can try applying an oatmeal mask. This is done similarly to the ladies you see on television
with the avacado all over their faces and the cucumber slices on their eyes. I’m teasing, but you do
want to apply it on your face and let it dry before removing it. Make certain that it’s at room temperature
before applying. Afterward, rinse your face with warm water as this will open your pores and help to
clean them out.

#4. Drink a lot of green tea. Green tea is natures natural antitoxin and is one of the best things that
you can do to clear the toxins from your body. It doesn’t taste bad either.

#5. Exercise regularly. This will help you to sweat out more toxins in your system and burn off stress.
It helps a lot, but you need to make time to do it on a regular basis.

#6. Get plenty of rest. Your body is ill and needs the proper rest in order to heal.

That does it for now. This short list is not intended to be a cure all solution to your acne, but tips that
have helped others. You need to apply them and then decide if the at home acne solutions worked out
for you. Good luck!