Six Killer Tips To Sponsor More MLM Reps NOW

Sponsor to win tip #1: You can’t swim as far when you drag the boat. If you want to succeed in MLM, don’t waste your time, your time is valuable don’t let one person in your downline monopolize it away from the bigger picture. Did you get involved in MLM to spend your time as mommy to every one else? I learned in my own MLM sponsoring efforts to do everything in a group setting.Something I picked up a long time ago is that to grow a downline fast, you’ve got to do everything in a group setting.

MLM Sponsoring Tip #2: Stroke people’s egos and leverage excitement. Remember every person is fascinating and exquisite, not one person has a duplicate. Become skilled at finding people’s individual strengths and edifying those strengths.

Sponsor to Win #3: DECIDE how many people that you’re going to sponsor on a DAILY basis. When you know what you want it’s easier to get it.

Maximize results tip #4: Maximize your time by outsourcing what you can. What I’m saying is, did you really get involved with MLM to work like a slave? As for me, I have tried doing the 3 way calls 24/7 and it worked for a while, and it was all I was doing till my old business fell apart. I don’t want to do meetings 6 nights a week for the next 20 years. Doing ALL of my own marketing is not quite as fun as laying on a beach and getting a tan. There are skillfull people right now who need jobs and are grateful for $4-$5 an hr.

Here is where you can really get going… TRUST and outsource to TRULY leverage yourself.

Sponsoring Success Rule #5: Get Advice. To experience real success requires personal growth, so take advantage of industry leaders, like Tom Challan, Brian Tracy, Randy Gage to name a few.

MLM Sponsoring Tip #6: Learn to generate YOUR OWN leads. Look, I’ve heard the stories about those people who have bought opportunity seeker leads… but those people are the exception, not the rule. That’s why my friend Tom Challan, for example encourages people to learn how to attract prospects through marketing technologies today, because if he had combined his sponsoring strategies with attraction marketing methods, he would have been able to double his results. (He sponsored more than five hundred individuals in a year from cold leads back in 2005). The simple truth of the matter is that the number one skill in Network Marketing is actually ‘Marketing.’ Go figure.

Let me share with you my last thoughts after this little article. If you want to make it big time in the Multi Level Marketing profession, LEARN what you need to know to sponsor in as many people as you can, and it all starts with your ability to market your business in a way that attracts people to you.