Simply put, this is exactly what to do to be successful

I have been networking many years.

I have met and worked with many folks making large amounts of money. Some ARE millionaires and some are near millionaires. Some only make what they are comfortable with and that’s ok.

I have had the opportunity to see what has made many of these people so great in this industry that we call network marketing, and most likely it’s completely different that what you may be thinking.

It wasn’t because they were greater people than anyone else, or could close a sale with every one they met, but because they had discovered that sticking with what they had started no matter how hard it was, learning their product and becoming a professional.

Every one had acquired the skill that is necessary for success in network marketing.

I have watched and listened to them and every single one of them teach this one singular idea.

What was it?

Never, never, quit.

Sticking it out until they began to realize that their goal they had planned was beginning to take shape.

The Power of stick-ability is something we all have to be a where of or our success might not be as good as we hoped it would be.

None of them inherited a successful networking business from their parents. They each had to fight and scratch their way to the top of their chosen field.

They were just too hard headed to quit.

While others have failed, they were determined that they were going to find a way to make it work no matter how long, or how much energy they had to exert.

For example, it took many of the greats several years to reach a steady $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 and much more a month, but they never quit.

Morris Goodman is another good example. My partner has known Morris Goodman personally for many years, she first met him when she was in the art business. He owned a successful insurance agency and she decorated his offices with original paintings. He was in her gallery often. Morris became the Miracle Man, he had an airplane crash, many years ago and fought hard and survived. He doesn’t look like the same person, doesn’t sound like the same person, but his persistence paid off. He’s back now, and with his handicaps, still very determined to be a success. A movie was made about him. Now he’s a motivational speaker making excellent money, not sure if he’s a millionaire, but my guess is that he probably is. He is one of the teachers in “The Secret,” and we can all learn much from Morris.

So if you’re frustrated with your situation or simply want to earn more,don’t worry, you are on the right track.

Like the great Thomas Edison. It took many 1000s of tries before figuring out the formula for the incandescent light bulb.

For him, it’s over.

The struggle is done and we all have benefited by the concreteness of purpose of this great individual.

The same will happen for if you if you are willing to pay the price.

Here is how you have to think about your business if you want to Guarantee that you will succeed in the world of network marketing.

You have to say to yourself:

Even if it took me several years to figure it out, my future is worth the struggle and I’m committed to it.

Be careful how you skip from one networking business to another. You need to stick with one for the long term and earn several thousand a month, then if you don’t rest on your success your earning power will just keep on increasing for years to come. Always lay a solid foundation and your house won’t crumble.

Simply make it happen.

If you carry this thought with you through the struggles that Lie ahead, there is no way for you to fail, and some may even find confidence enough in your story to inspire them to do the same.

Be a trend setter. Be a leader. Be an inspiration, be a professional.

Copyright (c) 2007 Carroll Payne