Simple Ways To Effectively Control Anger

Strong emotions like anger can affect your physical well being. Because of anger, you may experience chest pains, upset stomach, heart palpitations, difficulty in breathing, dizziness, high blood pressure, and other health problems. Because of these, you need to find ways to effectively control your anger.

There are ways to deal with anger and here are some of the effective ways:

Determine the source and cause of anger. A strong emotion has to be resolved first. Unresolved anger escalates, and bitterness will show in your interaction with other people. Diffuse anger and it will relieve the stress in your system.

To vent anger, try exercise. Go jogging or head to the gym. One quaint restaurant in the Philippines has a unique feature that provides an opportunity to vent anger. After a meal, customers are led at the back lot lined with walls, and on one side are stacks of inexpensive plates.

This area is for customers who wish to vent their anger by throwing the plates against the wall. They can throw as many plates to their heart’s content just to release negative feelings. Of course, they will have to pay for the plates; but the price they pay compared to the benefit they get is worth it.

Warning: Never vent your anger to outlets when you have health problems. Your blood pressure might rise up abnormally.

Talk to a friend. One of the best approaches to manage anger is to talk and confide to others. You may talk to a friend, counselor, or selected group with a common purpose to help each other. Talking to somebody about the feelings you have in your heart relieves tension. It is like unloading a heavy burden.

It is not necessary that an advice be given. Just lending a listening ear is enough. Advice may be given if it is sought. It opens your mind to new ideas and perspectives that you may not have thought of due to the anger you have within.

In a group therapy, other people can help you. In the process, you can also help them when it is their turn to talk, and it is your turn to listen and show concern. A listening ear helps dissipate the amber of anger. At the same time, it rekindles gentleness in the heart.

Learn to forgive. By far, the best way to let go of anger is to learn how to forgive. Forgiving may take a lot of effort. You may find it difficult to forget the hurt and anguish you went through. It takes a lot of convincing on your part, but it can be done. Forgiving releases you from the power other people have over you.

One technique you can try is the angry letter technique. Write a letter to the person who has caused you anguish and pain. Write in detail what he did and its effects on you. Feel the pain and anguish as you are doing the letter. In the end, write “I forgive you for all the pain you caused me. I wish you well.” Burn this letter and feel the release of negative emotions.

Seek guidance from the Almighty. Tell Him the hurt you have inside, as you would do to a friend. Ask fervently for guidance and you shall receive. Ideas will come to you on how to resolve your aches and this will prove that a Higher Power is helping you. Take comfort in thinking, “This, too, shall pass.”

If you care about your physical well being, learn to control your anger. Try these simple steps and enjoy a healthy life!