Simple Tips to Get that Job

As an employer I see so many resumes, so many faces, so many job hunters – here’s some tips on how to get remembered and get that job!

1. Spelling counts. People with strangely spelt names (like my surname) or people who frequently get called the wrong name (as in Kristy) can be a bit touchy about having their names spelt incorrectly. The number of applications I receive without my name spelt correctly is amazing.

2. Know the company. A massive percentage of companies these days have a website. Study it, know facts about the company and be prepared to use them. The best way to show you want the job is to know the company and explain why you’re the best person for the job because you’ve done your research.

3. Be different. I got a job as a web designer once in part because I mailed through a traditional resume and then also said on my application something to the effect of “You’re looking for a web designer though – go here to view my online resume so that I can show you what I’m really capable of”. I also will always remember a job application I received that came with a pretty box with a cup, flavoured tea bags and chocolates in it saying “have a cuppa while you read through my resume”.

4. Be on time, but don’t be half an hour early! And when you start work – I’ve always loved a quote I heard in a movie once “Being on time here means being 5 minutes early, if you’re on time – you’re late”.

5. Be persistent. If you really want to work somewhere – don’t give up at the first no, network with appropriate people and remain in constant contact. Persistence can and will usually pay off.