Simple Marketing Strategies for Your Business, Products or Services by Women

There are several marketing strategies to fundamentally build a business. The strategies are simple but not always easy. However, if they are coupled with vision, vigor and a little tenacity, both business and life can be enjoyed with ease and results produced with velocity.

Remember as you read these strategies I never said it would be easy, however I did say, it “can” be done with ease AND velocity with the right energy going in the right direction.

The other thing to keep in mind is that you will have to address what I called the “human condition.” A lot of people “struggle” in business and they want somebody, anybody to tell them what to do and how to do it. Frustration kicks in and you want to quit. I know. I was one of the ones who “struggled”. It was very frustrating at times and “hard” until, one day it just wasn’t.

When I first thought I understood the strategies, I’m about to share with you, my first reaction was “I already know that”. I knew they worked but the truth of the matter was my bank account did not reflect that I really “knew” them or better yet understood them or “implemented” them. I’m sure you’ve experienced thinking you know something but your results prove otherwise, right?

Again, the thing that will get in the way is the “human condition”, your barriers, road blocks, and what you think you already know. Be aware of the barriers and road blocks as your read these.

Here are several strategies I have used in the past that have worked well in all of the businesses I’ve been involved in:

Vision : Having a clear vision reflected in the marketing of the business.

Ideal Client : Identifying the “Ideal” Client.

Building Authentic Relationships : Building “authentic” relationships that foster who “you” are.

Strategic Referral Partners: Identifying who they are and intentionally building a “nurturing” relationship with them.

Client Referral Strategy: Implementing a client referral program that ignites an interest in referring business.

Promotional Event: Designing and creating a promotional event that interest the “ideal” client.

Strategic Alliance: Identifying partnerships that inevitably create alliances where we both win.

Email Campaigns: Creating email messages and campaigns that make a lasting impact on your client.

Business Networking Groups: Identifying best practices for maximizing a networking group.

You must first and foremost have vision. Vision is the basis from which you will operate. It is the foundation of your every move, your every action. Without vision, whether in business or in every day living life, one might find themselves lost, living in hope to produce a result or find yourself producing results with a lack of fulfillment or peace within.

Vision must be first.

A Few questions you might take time to answer are:

What is it that you want to accomplish?

Why are you in business?

What is your true motivation?

What is your heart’s longing for the business?

What is the future of your business?

What is the result of your business fulfilling all of its goals?

And ultimately, what is “your” vision of the business?

These are just a few questions to begin your thought process of identifying a vision.

I’d highly recommend you have one for yourself first and use that vision, if it fits for your business.

Remember, you don’t have to be in business alone or struggle to make it successful. You must “implement” the strategies channeling the right energy and the right direction.