Simple, But Necessary Air Travel Tips

The scenario of air travel has totally changed from what it was even ten years ago. These days flying are an essential part of your trip, be it for a holiday or a honeymoon or for business purposes. The biggest change noticed has probably been in the sector of inland flying, where the traffic has increased manifold.

Better connectivity, cheaper rates and higher safety measures apart from competitive markets have boosted air travel.
There are of course newer rules and safety precautions to be taken, all for a safer journey.

Air travelers must carry all aerosols, gels and liquids in 3-ounce or smaller sized containers. Bigger containers, which may be half full, or else toothpaste tubes that may have been rolled, are restricted.

Except for some prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines, baby food and breast milk, and other essential liquids, nothing much can be carried. The travelers must do away with their zip-top, quart-sized plastic bag placing it on a conveyor belt or in a bin for X-ray examination.

Like any other trip it is important to know how to plan for your air travel also. You should be clear about how to reach your destination and through which route. It is also important to be able to understand which will be the shortest and the cheapest route for you. Knowing where you’re going and how to get there safely is as important as the trip itself.

It is important that you pack well and intelligently for your trip.

It is always preferable that you travel light and take things, which are only essential with you. Your hand baggage should comprise of things you might need during the flight. Apart from necessary medicines and other essential personal items nothing much should be a part of your hand luggage.

Those prone to air sickness or allergenic to any particular kind of food should inform the flight attendants well in advance. Travelers who might be suffering from serious ailments like heart problems, hypertension or any such related symptoms should intimidate this to the cabin crew so that necessary steps might be taken in case of an emergency.

Physically disabled passengers should avail of the facilities part of every flight for their comfort. For those passengers with special needs pre-board screening officers are trained to look after accommodate such air travelers. They are also dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of these passengers during the screening procedures.

It is a must for all passengers to take careful note of all air travel regulations and safety measures administered by the staff and crew within the flight. One must keep a check on alcohol consumption during the flight as a respect towards co-passengers.

These days keeping in mind the number of children traveling by air, special arrangements are usually made for their entertainment as well as safety. Devices such as child restraint seats, games and other such facilities are quite common in most airlines. Parents are advised to be careful about their child’s travel papers, during flight or even later.