Simple Business Management Ideas – Big & Small Business

With the current state of the world economy the way it is business owners of all sizes, large or small, must concentrate on effective business management to ensure maximum profit returns are achieved. A thriving business does not stay that way unless the business is managed effectively or you have a whole lot of luck. Most often small business are feeling the pressure more so than large business however this is not necessarily a proven fact and all businesses need attention to maintain profit and growth as well in the economy of today.

Often basic management is overlooked however these tips will help in ensuring you are doing the best that you can for your business and there are some areas you can concentrate on right away to help you through the current climate and with a view to increasing your business results as well.

People Management

Make sure that you are making effective use of your staff and getting optimal results from your customers as well. Take the time to get the ideas and suggestions your employees and customers have to offer you. You employees are aware of the current financial situation and while you are spending time focusing on your own financial situation and the business your employees are also considering their future either with a possibly down turn in business or perhaps staff cuts to minimize costs. So make sure that you are talking with your staff. Make them a part of your business plan, you do not have to follow every suggestion they have for improving the business or income but you may find that they have some ideas that you can use in part or full to improve services or products for your customers.

Make your customers aware that your business is seeking to thrive and continue so whatever service or product you deal with show enthusiasm and excellent customer service to your customers. Make sure that they are satisfied or make improvements based on customer feedback to ensure you continue to maintain regular or loyal customers during this period as well.

Focusing on your existing customers helps maintain your current cash flow. Do not loose focus on obtaining new customers but make sure that you are not loosing the customers you already have. Keeping your existing customers is generally a much easier and more effective business management tool than only focusing on obtaining new customers. Your existing customers when believing they are receiving great service or products at good value will also pass this on to their friends or family which in turn can improve your new customer in flow.

If you have specific staff that are excelling in certain areas make sure that you are using those people to your best advantage. Have them improve the level of knowledge of your other staff at the same time to give you an overall improved knowledge base within your business.

Analyze Costs
Maintaining your business cash flow is a very important factor in being able to survive in a period when the economy is not at it its best. Conduct a cost analysis of specific areas of your business to ensure there is no cost overflow or wastage. Especially focus on areas where you are possibly able to negotiate better terms or services from external providers. Such as banks etc., where you may be able to detail all costs currently being charged and if you can find a similar institution offering better deals you should approach your existing provider and see if they can match these conditions. They also need to retain their customers and you may be surprised at what they can do for you in order to retain you as a customer.

Check into factors such as extended credit where perhaps now you are offered a 15 day period, you may be able to increase this to a 30 day period. However do not consider extensions of credit times to be an overall benefit, you are still required to pay these creditors and pushing the dates further only places the stress related to these payments out over a longer period of time. Do not spend funds that you do not have if you can avoid it. Improved payment terms can be a benefit but don’t loose sight of the fact that these payments are still required.


Make sure you fully understand your market, and analyze whether there are areas that your business could further succeed but you have yet to approach with a marketing strategy. Check your products or services costs over those of your competition and ensure you are being competitive. This does not mean you have to offer the lowest cost for all services or products as long as your customer service and satisfaction to your customers is evident. Being the cheapest is not always the best option. However over pricing your products or services will definitely lead to a reduction in your repeat business or new customer interaction.

Make sure that you are still focusing on advertising and marketing of your products and services. Don’t decide that this is the first area you will cut back in your business if you are required to do so. You need to ensure your name and what you offer is getting out there to the customers you wish to entice.

These are just some very basic suggestions for business management, there are many other factors to consider in operating your business and you should do as much research as you can and be constantly improving the way you operate your business. Focus on what you have as well as what you want to achieve and be mindful of changes in certain areas income producing areas and whether you may need to make alterations to the management of your business.