Silk Plants – Excellent Decorating Hints

You have decided to try a couple of silk plants in your home for one reason or another. This is really a big move on your part because you have always had live plants that graced your décor. First of all you should feel very good about giving this a try because this is something that is being tested by a huge amount of homeowners and for various reasons.

You may fit into the group of people that have found their time being taken up in the work force. Yes these folks just don’t have time to maintain the live décor and they know what is going to be the end results of that problem. After a little bit of research you will find out the same key factors in caring for silk plants and silk trees is a very small task and easily done. Now that is an excellent point and we understand your leading the cheering section for getting more chores with those easier task.

With the desire you have of making your décor look its very best, comes the proper placement of these wonderful artificial plants. It makes no difference if the plant is live or if it is a silk plant, it has to compliment the other items in the room. You need to consider the width of the plant just as much as you do the height for the proper appearance. This appearance is not just of the artificial plant but also the furniture it might be sitting on or next to.

The silk plant or silk flower arrangement may look great in one place but then may take on a look of “yikes, what is that” in another place. Is it the plant or is it the container? We know you understand this important factor but, there are many out there that think putting a 6’ tall bushy tree in an 8” container is okay. I know I feel your eyes rolling on that one! The container has to compliment that room’s décor and also give the artificial plant a feeling of belonging.

The size of the plant can make a big difference of your overall appearance in the room. If you are looking for a good size in a table top silk plant, you should keep this size somewhere between 24” to 36”. These plants are meant to be noticed so choose these with larger leaves and yet not to delicate. For silk greenery going into the corner, choose one that is a little slimmer and taller with longer leaves.

With these few hints you will find that your home can be just as alive with silk plants and have all the quality touches in your décor. Finding these realistic silk plants and silk trees can be done in your local florist. In many cases you will find stores on the internet carrying excellent quality silk plants with the good possibly of saving a few dollars. You will have fun doing the research and shopping for this project. After you have completed your decorating you will for sure enjoy the warm and relaxed feeling you get from the added silk plants.