Silk Orchids – The Perfect Floral Accent In Decorating

When it comes to adding an inviting piece to the décor, you cannot go wrong with a beautiful silk orchid. There are many ways to spruce up the interior of the home or office and one of them includes exotic silk orchid arrangements no matter what the variety or species.

When the time comes to remember someone with a gift, you will be hard pressed to find a more perfect gift that can be enjoyed more over such a long time.

What type of silk orchid can I get? There are several types available and several retail places that have natural looking arrangements available. When it comes to adding a great accent piece to your décor, you want it to be vibrant and have a high standard of quality.

Why would you want to use these realistic silk orchids? There are harder plants to grow than the delicate orchid, but there are still many things that you have to do and watch in the care of orchids. The orchid like’s sunlight (as many plants do) so don’t ever put it in the north window. The south is okay if you diffuse the sunlight properly. Otherwise, the east or west window is the best. I’m sure that if you are the green thumb person and you have the adequate amount of time, you are in good shape. Now, for those of you with a different color thumb and less time on your hands to worry about the feeding, trimming and re-potting of plants, the silk orchid arrangement is a beautiful and elegant addition to any décor.

Is it possible to do my own silk flower orchid arrangements? Yes. With the proper talent, it is not hard to do these silk flower arrangements. With just a little reading and research along with a few proper tools, you will be able to do your own silk orchid arrangements in your favorite vase.

Do silk orchids look real? There was a time several years ago that the artificial plants were very hard looking and when people would see them, the first words out of their mouth was, “that is fake as can be.” A vast majority of people now have to go up and touch or even smell to make sure of what they are looking at.

How do you care for the natural looking Cattleya or any other kind of silk flower arrangement? As you are doing your normal dusting around the office and home, be sure not to miss the silk plants. If this is done on a regular basis, a deeper cleaning will not be needed except once or twice a year.