Signs of Kidney Stones – Treat Kidney Stones Naturally By Doing Nothing

You might think the title of this article sounds a bit misleading, but you will understand in a moment why, “Soda can cause and cure kidney stones”! If you or a loved one suffers from kidney stones, be prepared to pay thousands for medication, surgery and visits ($5000-$9000+). Or you can naturally treat kidney stones at home with a simple step-by-step remedy that has worked for over a hundred years. And the best part is, you will pay about $10.00 (ten dollars) for all the natural remedy’s ingredients. But first, let me explain how serious kidney stones can be.

If you suffer from kidney stones, you are part of 24 million Americans who develop this serious disease sometime in their life. Besides the excruciating pain associated with kidney stones, sufferers will also experience an aching back (kidneys), back spasms, abdomen pain, aching groin and genitalia, bloody and cloudy urine, tiredness, nausea, fever and chills. These agonizing symptoms can last for months if the kidney stones are not passed or treated? But what treatment will you or a loved one choose?

An Expensive Kidney Treatment

Naturally, you will go to a doctor and be diagnosed with kidney stones. And you made the right decision. It is extremely important you are properly diagnosed before you consider the proper treatment. But like any other disease, kidney stones can vary from person to person. Kidney stones can differ in size and composition. However, most kidney stones are smaller than 5mm and mostly made up of calcium oxalate. This is perfect for naturally dissolving and passing kidney stones!

After the doctor diagnoses you for kidney stones, he will typically remedy the kidney stones with one of the following: medication with water flush or medical treatment (extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL), percutaneous nephrolithotomy, or ureteroscopic stone removal). Though kidney removal is typically effective, thousands of kidney stone sufferers are saving thousands of dollars (literally) and dissolving and passing their kidney stones at home.

Imagine paying $7,000 to remove your kidney stones with surgery and medication. Now, imagine paying $10 to remove your kidney stones with a simple home remedy that is just as effective.

Are you ready to hear about the most popular and simplest natural remedy ever?

Does Soda Cause and Cure Kidney Stones?

Yes and No! First, do you know what the cause of kidney stones is? Water! Actually, lack of water. If a person lives a consistently dehydrated (lack of water) lifestyle, chances are they will become part of the 24 million who develop kidney stones sometime in their life. Therefore, it is extremely important to drink 8-10 glasses of water each and every day.

With all that said, can you imagine who is not getting enough water each day! You guessed it, Soda Drinkers! People who drink soda (soft drinks) and coffee are more likely to develop kidney stones than any other group. Why? Soda drinkers’ bodies are often craving water but soda tricks the brain and body into thinking ‘I’m not thirsty’. In reality, their body is slowly shutting down and kidney stones are the result of improper flushing of the bladder and kidneys.

So yes and no, soda does not cause kidney stones. But, soda drinkers are more likely to develop kidney stones because of lack of water.

Secondly, how do you dissolve hard kidney stones? Phosphoric acid (a natural acid) in soft drinks! Let me explain recent research on this natural remedy of kidney stones.
Recently, researchers conducted research on over 1000 men who suffered from kidney stones and drank at least 5 ounces of cola per day. During a 3 year experiment, half the men didn’t drink cola; while the other half drank regular amounts of their preferred cola (containing phosphoric acid).

After 3 years, cola drinkers were one-third less likely to develop kidney stones than the men who completely refrained from cola. Researchers were baffled that phosphoric acid slowly dissolved kidney stones and stopped kidney stone formation! This research supports our natural remedy that uses a popular cola and a ‘miracle’ vegetable to flush your kidney stones.

Dissolve Your Kidney Stones in Less Than 24 Hours

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