Signs of Compulsive Lying: Verbal And Physical Signs Of Lying To Watch Out Fors

Want to know the signs of compulsive lying? There certainly are many reasons why people lie. It could be to get them out of trouble, or to make themselves acceptable to others. Some lie compulsively just for the fun of it.

You have to be watchful over the signs of compulsive lying to stay ahead. It can be quite challenging to tell if someone is being deceptive, since at times they can be so convincing that you could no longer distinguish a lie from the truth.

Here are some tell-tale signs of deception to watch out for:

Signs Of Compulsive Lying # 1: Going Around In Circles

When asked with a question, they could not give you a direct answer; rather, they would give you so many details. They usually stutter while answering, for example: when a child is asked why he came home late at night, he would probably answer you,

“Ahmm… Well, my teacher asked us to do some ahmm… a project and he needed us to… to… finish it today. He said if we could not pass it today, well… ahh… he will give us a low grade. So that is why my classmates and I went to school… I mean we went to my classmate’s house to finish the project.”

As you can see, the child gave too much information and could not quite answer straight. There were hesitations and inconsistencies in the reply. This is just one of the verbal signs of lying.

Some people could not look straight in the eye when making up things that never happened. Instead, their eyes wander and look elsewhere and avoid face-to-face confrontation.

Signs Of Compulsive Lying # 2: Being Defensive

At times, defense mechanism will be played on you. For example, when a man comes home late from work because he went drinking with his friends, he would probably tell his wife,

“I am tired from work, now I see this mess! Will someone get it cleaned? I’ve been working all day long, so many problems in the office and here I see the house in total filth. I am now going to sleep and when I wake up I don’t want to see that mess anymore!”

Above is a very good diversion tactic to avoid intrusive questions. They will try to act as if they are angry, and blame anyone just to keep themselves from being questioned.

When asked, some signs of compulsive lying are evidenced by raising their voice in response and appearing irritated. This is a classic form of displacement.

Liars could not stay still and often try to cover their face and mouth. They would attempt to distract you by walking around, and most of the times change the topic.

Compulsive liars are compelled to lie without needing to, since they’ve already been so used to the habit. At times, they may also feel as if they cannot trust anyone so they just lie to everybody.

Most liars have already honed their deceptive tactics; thus, making it difficult to discern whether they’re doing it. Over time, lies can become exaggerated. It has become a habit and even a practice. The signs of compulsive lying can be very believable and convincing, so watch out for them!