Signs of an Online Crush

Common Signs that You’re Enamored by your Online Crush

Perhaps you’ve met someone special in an online chat room? Or maybe you’ve spent weeks reading the same profile over and over again, but haven’t quite summoned the courage to contact him or her? Online crushes are common in the Internet environment, which is quick to exchange information (and often just as quick to help you exchange dating partners).

The easy part is developing a crush. The hard part is taking that crush on someone to a level where you actually contact them via email or phone. Because the Internet is a rather anonymous means of communication, many people find it rather easy to send an email or instant message without fear of rejection. But what if you still aren’t sure that you’re message will get through?

Here are some tips for not only identifying a true online crush, but also helping your knowledge of him or her help you take your relationship to the next level:

1. You can’t wait to turn on your computer each day because you know that you can see that person’s email or profile. If this is a symptom of the online crush that you are experiencing, then it is important that you make a goal for yourself to contact the crush in X amount of time. For example, establish that if you look at his profile every morning for a week, then you will send him an email at the end of the week.

2. When he says something in an online chat room, you actually read the entire message (with everyone else, you either scan or skip). If you are actually taking the time to read every word that he writes, then it might be a sign that you’re quite interested in what he has to say (duh!) Why not take the conversation to another level by inviting him out of the chat room for a private chat. Tell him that you like his point of view and want to learn more about it.

3. You’ve printed his photo and have it framed in your home. Sometimes there is an element of the obsessive that can be developed from your online crushes. If you have reached the point where you have actually printed his photo, bio or other files and refer to them frequently, you may have reached the point where your behavior is actually self-destructive. It’s time to use that energy in an actual relationship. Call him or email him for a chat.

Online dating can be a tricky scene, especially if you develop a deep-seeded crush on someone that you meet online. It’s tough to know when is a good time to take that relationship up a notch. The best advice is to be humble, yet sure of yourself. Taking the first step can be the hardest, but it’s often the most rewarding.