Signs Men Give When They Are In Love: Is Your Man Showing Any Of These Signs?

There are certain signs men give when they are in love. Unfortunately, most women remain unaware of them, because they are used to certain stereotypical gestures of affection. Not all men can be like your favorite television hunk. It’s better to understand the kind of person your man is before jumping into conclusions.

By looking at the following signs men give when they are in love, you will be able to determine just how deep your man’s feelings go for you.

1) Trinkets galore

Men who are in love like to shower their woman with gifts. Some guys like to be generous whenever they can to keep you happy. And even though he has already given you a lot of presents, he expects you to cherish every single one of them.

2) Jealousy, jealousy

One of the rather negative signs men give when they are in love is that they become jealous easily. Even if you’re just talking to Dave, the harmless copy machine guy, he will see red.

A lot of women find this trait unreasonable, but look at it from his point of view. Your guy just doesn’t want to lose you, and other men who try to get close to you pose a possible threat to your relationship.

3) Meeting the family

When a man brings up the subject of introducing you to his family, you can be sure that he is in love with you.

Men don’t often introduce their girlfriends to their parents unless the relationship is getting serious. After all, he only wants to bring the best home for ma or for pa. This is also a big step for your relationship.

4) Making the time

One of the obvious signs men give when they are in love is when they make the time to be there for you. Whether it’s for a shopping trip to the mall or just plain hanging out at home, a guy who loves you will definitely be there.

When you break this behavior down, it simply means that your guy wants to spend more time with you because you make him happy. Never mind that he doesn’t like shopping or that he knows you two will only be watching a chick flick on DVD. If he loves you, he’ll be there.

5) Saying “I love you”

And finally, a guy who says “I love you” sincerely really is in love with you. These words are magical for men. They won’t say it so easily because saying it binds them to a relationship even when they’re not ready yet.

So when a guy finally whispers these three sweet words, you know you two are in for the long haul.

These are just some of the signs men give when they are in love. Depending on the kind of guy you’re man is; he might express one or even all of the signs above. And when he does, don’t forget to express your love right back.