Signs a Wife is Cheating

It’s sad but it’s true. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. So, although you might be in love with your spouse, but a question you might not confidently be able to answer is when you are asked if the feeling is mutual.

There is always a chance that she may be cheating on you. Contrary to what your macho side may think, you might not be the center of her universe after all.

How would you know if your wife is cheating on you? What are the signs?

It?s simple. Just pay extra attention to her activities and attitudes. You can?t help but notice the tell tale signs.

Women pay a lot of attention to details. So, if she is cheating she will likely cover her tracks better than an experienced thief. Although you may notice signs that she might be spreading her love around, it might not necessarily imply that she is cheating on you. But these signs are definitely warnings that something is amiss with your lady.

If your wife is involved in an affair, you will certainly feel a shift in her daily priorities. She breaks her daily routine. Suddenly she might stop pressing you for the weekly Sunday dates at the movies, or something always “comes up” at work on Fridays.

Here is the trap- there is a tendency for most adulterous women to schedule meetings with their new flames as often as they can, resulting in a complete disregard for previous engagements.

Does the lady in your life freak out over simple questions? Always be suspicious of anyone who refuses to answer the simplest and fairest of questions, or answers questions only after repeating them back to you. That brief interval the person paused usually indicates a technique of searching the mind for a lie to say.

Be wary of your wife when, rather than answer simple questions peacefully they start being on the defensive when answering.

Generally, when women start being hesitant or defensive when asked simple questions by their husbands, this is an indication that they are hiding something.

Be on your guard when a mysterious friend to your wife inches their way into the picture. This is a tell tale sign that your wife is cheating. Whether it is someone she claims is a co-worker or an old friend from “way back”, she keeps this friendship under wraps and is hesitant to share any general details about them, much less introduce you. I bet that doesn?t take a PhD holder to figure out she’s cheating on you.

When your wife starts picking fights with you over everything, then know for sure that something is in the offing.

Check out this scenario- If gone are the days when the two of you could communicate with such harmonious precision and lately, every sentiment you express sets her off and she finds any excuse to lash out at you, then she could be having an affair.

Another thing some women do when they are having extra marital affairs is to always nag their husbands. Nagging you helps eliminate and ease her guilt.

So, if she habitually begins to point out your every flaw, you may want to get to the bottom of what?s really going on.

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