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Some times, it is hard to diagnose when you are pregnant. At times, there is no sign of pregnancy, yet you are pregnant, and at other times, one is not pregnant, and it seems that one is. How do you differentiate between the two? Early pregnancy symptoms can easily be confused with normal illness. Let us examine some of the common early signs of pregnancy.

Look For Early Sign Of Pregnancy

The missing of period in a particular month is considered as an early pregnancy symptom. Although there may be many other reasons of missing a period like stress, losing or gaining weight, too much exertion etc., but usually missing a period cycle in a month is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. Irregular periods can also be the result of polycystic ovary syndrome where the monthly period cycle can have an erratic gap. Therefore, you must look into other symptoms of pregnancy as well for confirmation.

The changes that you experience in your torso also point toward another sign of pregnancy. As you enter pregnancy, your breast begins to swell and the nipples become tender which suggest your first steps toward motherhood. If you miss observing this early sign, you may not get a second chance as this softness of the breasts disappears after a few weeks of pregnancy. Some women also experience a sharp tingling sensation, as the body gets ready for breastfeeding. These changes are the result of the hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which is produced in the body along with implantation of the fetus. It is this hormone it self that is responsible for the changes in the breasts. As a result of the release of this hormone, the breasts may also feel fuller. Once the body becomes used to the hormone chemistry, the feeling of tenderness and fullness in the breasts also disappear gradually.

As the embryo implants itself into the wall of the uterus, which takes about 4-5 days after the conception, sometimes a light spotting or bleeding which may be pinkish or brownish in color is seen. Some women experience slight cramps around the loins as well. The spot created may also be a light yellowish vaginal discharge soon after implantation. This is another sign of pregnancy.

Frequent urination is also a sign of pregnancy. It can start even before you miss a period. The reason as reiterated earlier, is the change in the hormone (HCG), at the time of implantation.

As already mentioned, pregnancy can be mistaken for other physical ailments, which result from food disorders and intake of other products. Therefore, pregnancy tests should be tested properly and confirmed with consultation with the doctor. We must understand that the health of the baby depends on the health of the mother. About 75% of pregnancies are lost because of failure to recognize the early sign of pregnancy.