Sifting Through the Good and Not So Good Work at Home Ideas

The web is flooded with work at home ideas, some legitimate and some not as much. Everyone is tempted to try a work at home idea at some point of their lives. Whether it’s when you’ve had a new baby, moved to a new town, had a changed in marital status, or just bored with your regular day job and pesky co-workers. However, not all work at home ideas are as lucrative as they are made out to be.

Your USP

The first most important thing when figuring out which work at home idea is good for you is to figure out your Unique Selling Proposition also known as USP. Simply put, you have to know what your strengths are. Are you good at math, is language your forte, or are you more of a whiz kid as far as computers are concerned? The biggest mistake people make when looking for work at home ideas is not evaluating their abilities correctly.

They either undervalue themselves by thinking I can’t do anything or they are too overconfident and feel they can strike gold overnight. Be your own honest critic and try a work at home idea on the side before you put all your eggs into that one basket. If you have always had a passion for making jewelry, start wearing a few of your best creations, and see if you receive any compliments. If people around you ask where you got those stunning earrings from, don’t shy away from taking credit – rather offer to make similar ones for that friend.

Take great pictures of your creations and start compiling them onto a simple website or brochure. However don’t spend your savings on too much overhead, before you actually get some orders. Advertising is obviously necessary but perhaps you could do it for free or for very low costs or by word of mouth. You could find offers for free business cards on the internet or you could perhaps give your necklaces or rings for free to people who pay you compliments. You can even save money by giving your creations as gifts during the holiday season and seeing the type of response they bring about.

In Home Sales

If you can’t really pinpoint an artistic strength or talent, there are other work at home ideas that might prove fruitful. A relatively safer work-at-home opportunity usually targeted at women are in home sales of products like Avon or Mary Kay cosmetics, food storage products like Tupperware and other things like books, clothes and even toys. These companies usually have tried and tested business models and provide comprehensive training to their new sales reps. Some companies have a minimum inventory requirement or starter fee, while others require you to buy an introductory kit.