Siemens Hearing Aids: What You Need To Know

Siemens is a leading manufacturer of hearing aids worldwide. In business for more than 125 years, Siemens is the largest manufacturer of hearing aids. One in every five hearing aids sold is a Siemens hearing aid.

Siemens hearing aids utilize state of the art technology to provide the best possible hearing aid solution. Hearing loss is an individual experience. Everyone experiences hearing loss in different ways. Siemens produces a variety of hearing instruments to accommodate all hearing needs.

Siemens Hearing Aids – Styles

The type of hearing aid you choose should be based on the type and extent of your hearing loss. Different styles of hearing aids are better suited to different hearing loss.

BTE: Behind The Ear – This style of hearing aid fits outside the ear and is attached to the outside using a type of hook over the ear.

ITE: In The Ear – This type of hearing aid fits in the outer ear and can be seen from the outside.

ITC: In The ear Canal – An in the ear style hearing aid fits lower into the ear canal.

Micro-CIC: Completely In the Canal – This style is very tiny and provides the lowest fit into the ear canal possible.

Siemens Hearing Aids – Models and Features

Siemens offers a variety of models to suit your budget and hearing need. The models range from the affordable basic to the intermediate value and ultimate models. Each model features the best in technology and reliability.

Basic models include INTUIS and Phoenix and offer some of these features:

• Feedback cancellation

• Noise reduction technology

• Directional microphone

• Switchless T-Coil option

Value models include ARTIS and CIELO and offer some of these features:

• TwinMic – patented directional microphone system

• Autophone – assists in adjusting volume levels while on the telephone

• Alerting tones to alert when the battery is low

• Nanocoated – a new technology that repels water, sweat, and dirt for easy cleaning and enhanced reliability.

• 12-channel digital noise management

• Speech enhancement system – helps reduce annoying background noises.

• High-speed phase feedback cancellation management that minimizes feedback such as whistling.

Ultimate models include CENTRA, ACURIS and ARTIS LIFE and offer some of these features:

• SoundSmoothing technology – helps reduce annoying background noises while preserving the sound of voices and conversations

• DataLearning technology – memorizes volume changes and automatically adjusts to match your preferences

• e2e wireless communication – technology that enables both hearing aids to adjust to each other in every situation. This keeps both instruments properly balanced so that minimal adjustments are necessary.

• eWindScreen – an electronic wind noise reduction system that detects wind conditions and adapts automatically to reduce annoying wind noise

Siemens prides itself on improving the lives of those who suffer from hearing loss through innovative products and excellent customer care. A hearing care professional can help you determine the best hearing aid based on your hearing need.