Shut Up!

The title of this article might seem obnoxious to some people. Others might find it down right rude. But give me a moment or two, so I can explain why you may really need to shut up!

Words are indeed very powerful. That’s no secret. But most people do not realize just how powerful their own words are. The truth is your words can change your life.

I’m talking specifically about the words you think and speak to yourself about yourself. Some refer to this as, “self talk.” Whatever you call it, we all talk to ourselves.

Throughout the course of the day, we all mutter things to ourselves about ourselves. We all have thoughts about ourselves. Very few realize that those words and those thoughts are literally life changing.

The sad thing is that what most people speak to themselves is negative. They say things like, “I’m never going to get ahead.” “My life is just miserable.” “I just can’t lose any weight.” I’ll never find a better job.” “I can’t find the right person to marry.” And on and on they go.

If you consistently speak words of failure, you will continue to fail. If you consistently speak discouraging words, you will continue to be discouraged. If you consistently speak words of helplessness, you will not find the help that you need.

Here’s the key. You will bring into your life that which you mentally focus on. This is reinforced by the words that you speak to yourself. It is a universal law. It is the way the Creator designed us! The dominant thoughts that you hold in your heart is what you will absolutely manifest in your life.

Do you know someone with a very low self-esteem? I can absolutely guarantee you that people with a low self-esteem repeatedly speak discouraging words to themselves about themselves. On the other hand, those with a high self-esteem continue to speak to themselves about victory, success and possibilities.

The words that you speak to yourself, and especially the words about yourself, will either bring you to success or failure. What a great key in life this really is! This is something you can do every day, throughout the day! Speak words of success and victory to yourself.

Yes, it will take effort. There may be a number of areas that you will need to adjust your thinking and self talk. But isn’t it worth it? Of course it is!

Now I know the naysayer will quickly pop up and try to tell you that you are out of touch with reality. You can’t say things are going well if they really are not, can you? That’s living in denial isn’t it?

No, it is not denial. It is choosing to change your reality from where it is to where you desire it to be. When planning a vacation you might hear someone say, “I am going to Hawaii; I can see myself now, lying on the beach…” Is that being out of touch with reality? Or, is that planning, expecting, and visualizing what is desired?

Start your day by declaring, “This is going to be a great day!” “Things are going to be fantastic for me today.” My life is on track and I am headed for success.” “Yes, I will erase all of my debt.”

And here’s where “Shut up” comes in.

When you begin to make an effort to speak positively to yourself about yourself, that little voice in the background will pop up and say, “Oh who are you kidding? You’re never going to get out of debt.”

Tell the voice to, “shut up!” Then repeat the positives that you have just spoken to yourself. “My life is on track and I am headed for success! Yes, I will erase all of my debt.”

And don’t just say it; express it with passion; feel it; breathe it; know that it is coming!

And here’s another helpful key. Make a decision to never, ever speak negatively about yourself, ever again! If you do, then immediately say, “Shut up!”

Now, I know the phrase “Shut up” is a harsh phrase. I could have said, “Stop it,” or, “Be quiet,” or something like that.

But I think, “Shut up” carries a lot more force! And if there are defeating thoughts in your mind, they really do need to shut up and go.

Just as changing the little rudder on a big ship will change the direction of the ship, so too changing what you speak will change the direction of your life. The words that you speak, whether out loud or silently, are an indication of what you believe in your heart.

That’s why the words that you speak to yourself about yourself will determine the course and direction of your life. So, whenever you need to, go ahead and tell yourself to shut up!