Show Up Center Stage To Be In The Spotlight Of Your Life

Just imagine, the stage curtains are drawn closed and you stand back, alone in the darkness. There is a full house and the anticipation is building. You feel the butterflies in your stomach creating a mix of excitement and fear. You know, when the curtains open a magnificent women standing center stage, in the spotlight, fully expressed will be revealed and frankly, the thought terrifies you.

What Does “In The Spotlight” Really Mean?

A recently popular catch phrase is “authentic living.” You see this theme in books, on television, and overhear it in casual conversation. What does it mean and how does it relate to being in the spotlight? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary authentic means: true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character. To live authentically means you truly hold nothing back because you believe in who you are and the gifts you have to share. Yet, as simple as this might sound, there are countless reasons people have difficulty living authentically.

Be Aware of the Barriers to Authentic Living!

To tear down the barriers to authentic living you must choose to be self-aware. Pay attention and avoid negativity that can hinder growth and success. Here are some tips:

Get rid of the should: I should be more like so and so / I should look differently / I should consider other people’s needs before my own

Throw out the have to: I have to work in this job I hate / I have to avoid touchy subjects with my Dad / I have to do countless things I really do not enjoy and that’s life

Say goodbye to the Yeah-but: Yeah-but, I am too out of shape to get into shape / Yeah-but, I am too old to get hired for a great job

Let go of the I’ll get around to it when: I’ll get around to eating a better diet when the holidays have passed / I’ll get around to managing my finances when I get caught up / I’ll get around to writing that important letter when I finish up the things on my to-do list

The roles you perform, the masks you wear when interacting with the outside world, and the time you spend putting off real joy get in the way of living a fully expressed life on your own terms. Over time you may find the person you have crafted is a far cry from who you really are at heart. It can seem like an endless journey to return home and to play the part of our true selves.

Four Key Shifts to Land the Role of a Lifetime

Here are four key shifts that can land you the role of a lifetime – being the authentic you!
Remove the masks: Notice what ways you may be showing up as someone else or for someone else in your life. Take off those masks that get in the way of your authentic expression and put them on the shelf.

Practice extraordinary self-care: Be number one on your own priority list and commit to taking great care of yourself so when the curtains open you will be beaming with pride and confidence

Get clear about your gifts: We all have unique and stunning gifts to give. Perhaps you can teach, offer a helping hand, share a warm and caring heart or present a fresh perspective that leads to new solutions, expertise, and more. Step far away from what you should do and identify what makes your heart sing. Acknowledge and embrace your gifts then share them with the world.

Be willing to take a courageous stand for you: It takes a lot of guts to stand in the spotlight. Take center stage completely expressed in your life and you will find the rewards last a lifetime.

Begin crafting a new script today with yourself in the staring role. When you commit to live authentically the curtains will open wide for you. There will be no more hiding backstage in the shadows. As you proudly take your place on center stage in the spotlight your gifts to the world will be revealed, the audience will cheer and you will have the time of your life! To learn more about how to live authentically and tools for reaching your potential visit my web site