Show Me The Green

There was a time that one could assume that the phrase ‘show me the green’ was interchangeable with ‘show me the money’ (and in some respects it still is), but today it’s really taking on a whole new meaning – it’s a phrase with a movement behind it.

We, the people, are changing our view of green as fast as the kaleidoscope will turn. And the color is vivid. We are thinking green in our lifestyles, our products, the food we eat, the homes we live in and the world we inhabit. And if we’re thinking and living green in all of those areas it stands to reason that this green-way of thinking will spill over into being green in our careers.

But what does ‘being’ green in your career mean? Well, it is different for different people – some say it means working for a company that is producing environmentally safe products, or clean technology. Others say it is working for a company who is giving back to the community, some say it’s about recycling and others say ‘hey, it’s just a place I go to from 9a – 5p and it pays the bills’ (ouch…)!

But, one of the insightful things about all this green way of thinking is what it is creating inside of us – our own internal environment. We are really all eventually drawn to ‘service’, to a way to give back to the greater good. And that brings up the question; Who are y-o-u, from the inside out? What is going on within your own internal environment and how is your internal ecosystem? Where do you want to make your mark, and what impact do you want to have in the world. Of course, we can’t all be Gandhi, but we can all make a difference – in his beautiful quote “be the change you want to see”, Gandhi knew the richness of green from the deepest level of his being. He knew where he lived inside.

Living your life in a green-way and contributing to life through the makeup of your own internal environment means reaching in and really deciding who you are, what you want, and how you can make a difference; and then bringing YOU into all aspects of your life, including your career.

Once you make this shift it stands to reason that you will seek out and align yourself with a company that is stepping up to the ‘green-way’ from the inside out too. That means more than just writing some fancy language about it in the company’s annual report. It means more than just sharing an internal eco-vision (internal harmony, diversity, etc.). It means a call to action, accountability and answers to who, what, when, where, and why. In other words, companies need to step up and show us what they stand for and how they are committed to contributing to the greater good.

Companies expect us to show up with more knowledge, better information, fresh creativity and vast energy. To show up in those ways we have begun to look deeper and deeper inside our being to come up with our best. And the by-product of all that inner searching is a new expectation about what we want and expect from the companies we work for.

Today companies need to pay attention because ‘we the people’ are blossoming in a big way – big buds, big sprouts, big roots of all kinds. We’re achieving new internal clarity, setting new expectations and aligning with new goals; one of the strongest is all about “green” – inside & out.