Should Your Dream Car Be Your First Car

Should Your Dream Car Be Your First Car?

Everybody has a dream, that’s what makes us human. Our creative imagination and our lofty dreams are the part of the things that really makes life worth living. But it’s not enough to dream , true fulfillment and confidence comes from dreaming and realizing such dreams. When it comes to dreaming about stuff, some people dream about cars. Everybody has a dream car, that car that you’d love to drive and be proud to take to anywhere. But the real question to answer when trying to buy your first car is, should your dream car be your first car?

The thing with dreams is, it takes being awake and in tune with reality to be able to successfully realize them or bring them to life. So you have a dream car that has been your target for a while. It’s not just enough to dream you must have a workable plan on how to realize the dream. To be able to know whether your dream car should be your first car, you need to get the right answers to some other equally important questions.

What Do You Need?
The truth is this, our wants are simply insatiable, we want things get things only to discover that the things we got was not what really needed or even actually wanted. So identifying what you need in a car is very important. I know you’d love to drive your dream car, but the question is do you really need it now?

What Can You Afford?
When it comes to buying things people get so carried away that they actually spend more than they can afford and end up in debts. You need to know what you can afford and determine whether your dream car falls into that category for now. Spending what you don’t have is a sure path to debts and if you are not careful bankruptcy. You would have loved your first car to be your dream car but can you afford it now?

Is The Time Right?
The right timing is important in any thing we want to do in life. The right thing done at the wrong time will not have the value that it would have had if the timing was right. Is the time right to buy your dream car. Do you have what it takes to maintain it? Can you afford it?

At times in life, it’s best to take little steps forward rather than wait until we can make a giant step towards out desired destination. Any dream worth fulfilling will demand sacrifices. It is important to be able to delay gratification and move towards our goals in life making worthwhile sacrifices. Buying your dream car is no exception, don’t get so carried away by what other people have, look at what you have and what you desire and work towards balancing both. Your dream does not have to be your first car. You may have to make do with some other car now but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your dream car. It only means you should plan towards it and take small steps towards the realization of actually buying your dream car.

Dreams help make life worth living but your dream car does not necessarily have to be your first car. You may have to take little steps of buying what you need and can afford before actually buying that dream car that you desire when the time is right and yous can afford it..