Should You Start A Home-Based Businesses

The Pro’s & Con’s Of Starting A Home-Based Businesses

Many businesses start from home. Working from home is highly desirable for many reasons and plenty of commuters would trade higher salaries and perks for the privilege of rolling out of bed and into the office without so much as shaving.

The success of a home based business centers on you and your ability to self-motivate and remain committed to your work. One person working from home can remain focused and motivate himself or herself to do a productive forty-five-hour work week, while another will stray over to the television set, play computer solitaire, and end up putting in twenty-five hours on the task at hand (building your business).

Setting up your home office means finding a location in the home where you feel comfortable working. You need a place without distractions. You also need a place near electrical outlets for your computer, fax machine, and any other equipment. Include filing cabinets, your phone system, and any other necessities and lay out the space in a manner that makes everything within easy reach. Also, try not to be too far from a window for fresh air, sunlight, and an occasional glance at the world outside.

Advantages of working at home include:

* Saving significant time and money on commuting.
* Home comforts, including your own kitchen and bathroom.
* More time around the family.
* Some equipment already on hand.
* A low-cost starting point.

Disadvantages of working at home include:

* Losing your motivation: it’s tempting to turn on the TV or do something else that is fun.
* Working too much: after all, when you work at home, you’re always at work.
* Loneliness: working at home can become lonely, as you find yourself missing the companionship and camaraderie found in an office environment.
* Having to entertain clients: when an important client is sitting in your living room and your dog comes charging out from the den, you’ll think again about having an office away from home.
* Limited growth potential: if you suddenly find that you can’t handle the workload of the business yourself, you may want to bring in an assistant or hire other employees, and most often you can’t do this from a home-based office.
* Liability insurance: you may need to pay higher insurance in case a client falls on your step and sues you.