Should You Join Brian Fanale’s Team?

Brian Fanale, a brief background:

Just over four years ago, Brian Fanale wasÂ…

NOBODY: That is, he wasn’t well known, famous, or influential in the slightest. He was a bartender, struggling to pay his bills and living an unfulfilled life.

Frustrated with life, he became enamored with the success of certain leaders in the MLM profession, and decided to join the ranks, he failed horribly from the start, no matter what he tried, absent of success and just dying to learn what the ‘SECRET’ was that would set him free from financial shackles.

So we can keep our article short, I’ll just cut to the chase: Brian Fanale eventually learned the guiding principles of ‘Attraction Marketing’ and from that point on, he has lived in a state of complete prosperity

Brian has now shattered several international sales records, and is one of the top five earners in one of the largest Direct Selling companies in the world.

What company is Brian Fanale a part of?

Brian is an independent representative of Wealth Masters International, and he markets his business primarily through a ‘funded proposal’ marketing system called Carbon Copy Pro. As an encompassing review of CCP and WMI is beyond the scope and purpose of this article, if you’re not familiar with the company, you can visit my Carbon Copy Pro Review.

So is the business that Brian promotes a scam?

Quite frankly, Brian Fanale is anything but a scam – he is an absolutely brilliant marketer. The simple truth is that Brian is one of the most well respected people involved in the entire CCP business.

So should you join Brian Fanale?

Well, that is going to heavily depend on what your goals are. Not everyone who gets involved in Brian Fanale’s business is going to have the same level of success that he has. Moreover, Carbon Copy Pro just might not be the right match for you. While Brian is definitely a great mentor and business leader, I would highly encourage you to read my Carbon Copy Pro Review before you decide to get involved with Brian.

A great question to ask is to think about what you want to actually be involved in. Do you realize that Carbon Copy Pro is not an MLM? If you want to build a MLM distributorship – you should look elsewhere for success.

Will Brian Fanale’s training provide you with the answers you’re looking for?

As far as this goes, I’ve got nothing to say but praise about Brian…

Brian will go out of his way to give you the tools you need for success if you join his team. In fact, I work hand in hand with Brian to create my attraction marketing system, and I can tell you that he is a great mentor who has a lot of incredible advice.

What are Brian Fanale’s REAL MLM secrets?

I can tell you absolutely that Brian has no secrets. He is an open book to his team and will give all of the knowledge he has to those around him.

Quite frankly, the only thing stopping millions of failing Network Marketers from using our marketing systems is either ignorance, or laziness.

So here’s my two cents: if you want to prosper in your MLM company, and are looking for sound advice, your problem is arising from one of two areas:

1. Your marketing list isn’t near the size it should be, and thus there’s not enough people to talk to that can fill your time. (Which is simply solved by stop trying to talk to people until you MASTER basic internet marketing skills.)

2. You’re not talking to the leads you have – you’ll probably solve this problem when you start generating your own leads, as the people are so much easier to talk to that it’s absolutely ridiculous.

That’s it! If you learn how to attract your own leads, and simply TALK to them, a good marketing system will take care of the rest – you’re on your way to a ridiculous, Brian Fanale level of prosperity!