Should You Give Your Child An Unusual Baby Name?

Choosing to give your baby an unusual baby name requires careful consideration before making the final decision. Unusual baby names can be attractive and can single your child out, especially if the name is one that is thought to be “cool” or attractive. The danger is that you are making your child different from its peers by naming it something unfamiliar – and this isn’t always a good thing for a child.

Babies grow into adults, and the name you choose will be that of an adult for far more years than it will be sitting on the shoulders of a child, but an unusual baby name could make those few child years seem like a lifetime if the child is carrying around a name which opens them up to teasing. Whilst there are some very positive reasons why you should give your child an unusual baby name to let them stand apart from the masses of Emmas, and Davids, you need to seriously consider the childhood years and how this name will affect them. The formative years will be what shape them into the adults they will become, and if you give them a name which is too unusual, it may be too big for them to carry in which case they will tend to keep in the shadows as much as possible so as not to draw attention to themselves and not realize their full potential.

As adults, many people especially in show business have made a living by changing their name into something that can identify them from the others in the same line of entertainment. Even in business, it can be to someone’s advantage to have a name that stands out from the rest as it will be more likely to be remembered.

If you decide that you do want to use an unusual baby name, choose something that whilst “different” from the other names on the top 10 list, is still a name that is going to be accepted as not being “weird” by your child’s future classmates. Take a look at baby names for different cultures to your own, perhaps think about your own heritage and where your ancestors came from, and see if there is a name common to that part of the world which will give you the unusual baby name you crave, without making your baby cringe every time he or she hears it called out in public! With a bit of research and forethought, you can give your baby the unusual baby name you desire, one that will set him apart as an adult, whilst at the same time not draw too much attention to the name during his school years.