Should You Get a New Dog After Losing One

Should you consider getting another dog after the first one has died?

Some people don’t want to accept it, but this is what really happens after losing a dog…

After losing your dog, you will experience a vacuum indeed.

No matter how tough hearted you want to feel, you will feel the silence that has been created by the loss of your dog.

Unless you have more than one dog, you will feel the absence of your dog’s soft tongue on your face every morning; you will feel the absence of its happy barks while it greets you in the morning; you will feel the absence of its playful bites in the living room.

All these create a vacuum that becomes bigger every time you stay without the dog.

I am of the opinion that it is better at this point to get another dog.

The point is this- the vacuum will always be there- unless you didn’t care enough for the dog. If you did, you will always feel this vacuum and the need to fill it up.

But instead of getting just any other dog, this is what I advise instead-

Get another dog that will look exactly like the previous one that you just lost.

I know how difficult this can be, but go the extra mile to do this. If you search enough at the various places where dogs are sold you can get one that looks like the previous one- even if not exactly, but one that will look alike in one way or the other.

For your children who are still little, they might not even be able to tell the difference anymore.

I know how difficult it might be to get this new dog to behave like the one you just lost, especially if it took you many months and years of training the previous one, but this is a good first step.

What you now need to do after getting this new dog is to concentrate on training it to behave like the previous one. It is very possible with pets- to get them to do like you want them do. Most pets have the tendency to be taught, so you can teach this new dog to behave like the previous one.

This is a much better approach to dealing with your loss of your dog instead of ‘crying over split’ milk.

Yes, crying for the lost dog is a waste of time- because no amount of tears or anger or guilt can bring it back.

But with a new dog that looks like the previous and acts like the previous, you will forget the death of the previous within a few short months.

And for your kids, they will forget the death sooner than you expect. I know a friend who had to deceive her kids by telling them that the new dog was actually the previous one (which she said didn’t die but was sick). This was just to get her kids to feel better instead of depressed about the death of the dog.

I am not saying you should do this too, but try the above techniques and you will see how fast it will work for both you and your children- who feel mostly hit by the loss of your dog.

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