Should You Feed Dog a Natural Diet

Join me to think about this for a while… will you?

Good, now here it goes…

Where do you think dogs first started living when they came to this earth?

Obviously not in our cities and towns eating fancy pet food.

Obviously not in our homes as pets.

Obviously not in pet shops.

They must have lived in the thick of the bush with other dogs and wild animals.

And do you know what?

They ate and survived in the thick forests…

Without pet foods…

They ate what other animals ate and they lived healthy and long with such foods.

So, whenever you frown your face when you hear holistic pet care, it is time to start thinking afresh.

In those early days, when dogs wanted to eat, they would do what other animals did…

They would go into the bush and hunt for their food. And when they get it… wait for this… they dig right into it, even while it’s still ‘bloody’.

Did I see your grimace your face?

Well, whether you want to accept it or not, this was how dogs lived and survived.

And if you are thinking that those were ‘wild’ dogs and can not be compared to your ‘sweet’ home doggy dog, then you are dead wrong.

Dogs, from time immemorial till date, are carnivores and always will be.

They get all the immunity they need from eating raw meat and bones.

Also, such raw meat as food help to clean your dog’s teeth– thereby eliminating the need to visit the veterinarian for teeth cleaning every so often.

My advice with feeding your dog with raw meat is for you to supplement it with other kinds of food to create balance. Of course it can’t spend the rest of its life eating just meat. This will cause serious imbalance.

In case you didn’t know what BARFing is, it stands for Bio Active Raw Food (BARF). Many people also refer to it as Bones And Raw Food. It has been popular since 1993– based on the book by Dr. Ian Bilinghurst titled- “Give Your Dog A Bone”.

It advocates feeding your dog with raw meaty bones instead of traditional bags of supermarket pet food.

In case you have never heard this before, listen up.

Most of the supermarket pet foods you buy for your dog contain byproducts, preservatives, additives… and who knows what else. They are not as natural as should be. This is why more people are running away from such pet foods and moving to natural foods for their dogs and other pets.

Apart from this, most of them are always thoroughly cooked and by so doing they loose most of the nutrients that could have helped your dog.

Still skeptical? Now… let me ask you this…

Have you ever seen or heard of wild animals barbecuing their meals before eating them?!

And yet they lived long and healthy, right?

And if you are still wondering, then let me ask you one last question regarding this.

Here it goes…

Take a good look at your dog’s teeth and tell me if there were not originally designed for grabbing meat, ripping meat, tearing meat and shredding meat?

This should prove to you that there is a lot of advantages inherent in raw food diet for your dog instead of only supermarket pet foods.

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