Should You Buy Fitness Gadgets On TV

To buy a fitness gadget or tool that is advertised on TV may or may not be a good decision, depending on the state you are in when you make the decision.

Advertizers know exactly when the consumer feels vulnerable and ready to make a purchase in haste, which is around dinner time or after a heavy meal, to overcome guilt and anguish associated with poor body image, neglect.

Before you buy any exercise equipment, especially one on TV, remember to be diligent. As with everything, read reviews, opinions and customer feedback before you buy, and avoid the hype and glitter that is accompanied with traditional fitness advertising.

An effective exercise machine is not about glamour or design, it’s about a basic function – does the machine really help you to ‘isolate’ targeted muscle groups (abdominals, hip muscles, thighs etc). We’ve all come across those famous fitness infomercials advertising different as seen on TV exercise equipment. At that time, it seems that anything and everything looks great and we need it (of course, the fact that they are shown at the late hours makes you suspect in their intentions). But how great are as seen on TV exercise equipment, really? Well, you never know unless you’ve taken the time to do your research.

The psychology of TV exercise equipment is that it relies on your compulsion to buy, to need, to consume. The consumer is told that this is a ‘temporary offer’, one that will dissapear within minutes. To make the whole story more interesting and appealing, the product is approved by a doctor, a team of researchers (usually hired by the company that sells the product). The infomercials often feature an older individual who looks younger than they really are and claims to be in the best shape of their lives due to the as seen on TV exercise equipment being advertised. To make your decision easier, you are given the option to buy the product in ‘2-3 no interest instalments’ and freebies are thrown in if you ‘order in the next 10 minutes’.

This is a classic demonstration of hype and advertising that is planned to lure the customer into a hasty and often unnecessary purchase. You are promised a world in which you can reach your goals with minimum effort and maximum results, in 3-4 weeks, when you use the tool for ’10 minutes a day while watching TV’.

The harsh reality is that the item in question may not even be what you’re looking for if your workout routine is more specific to a particular area of your body. There are several exercises that don’t require any equipment, that can be done in the comfort of your own home, which are as effective, if not more effective.

Ultimately, you are the one that makes the decision to buy. If TV exercise equipment enables you to be more consistent and stick with the routine, it may be a viable option. You should research different exercise gadgets on websites or manuals before you make a purchase decision. It is possible to select the safest, most effective item within your budget in 30 minutes, an hour, or even hours – the length you’d find yourself watching the infomercial or standing in the sporting goods store. You just need to know how to do your research and what to look for. You need time to determine exactly what IS right for you, and that usually takes more thought than they are intending to allow you. It is a mistake to make the decision in haste, when you feel vulnerable or sad.