Should Relocation Be Done By Yourself Or With Outside Help

When you are planning to relocate, you have to ask yourself one question. Can you do it by yourself or should you hire some outside help? Believe it or not, you are just one of millions that ask this question and the answer depends on certain factors.

The factors consists of time, money and the difficultly of the move. If you are moving to a new house in the same city, you don’t need a mover since this can be done on your own. But if the move is out of state or to another country, naturally you will need help.

Let’s expound more on these factors.

Everything we do depends on how much money we have in our wallet. When you move, how much stuff you have dictates that price. Moving companies have a guide when they give you an estimate. U-haul for instance has trucks with space that could hold 10 to 26 feet of stuff. Their basis for this is the number of rooms in your home so if you have 2 to 3 bedrooms, you will be paying more to rent a truck compared to someone who lives in an apartment.

Distance is another factor. Truck rates are dependent on distance and this is packaged to the customer one way or round trip. What is funny is that a one way trip to rent a truck costs 50% more than a one way trip.

This does not yet include the gas costs and the mileage. Just like renting car, you will have to shoulder the gasoline expenses. To help you out, rental truck companies have a distance calculator which you can compute how much you will most likely spend to make the move on your own.

That is just one way to relocate. The other method is to hire a moving company. There are a lot of moving companies that you can find in the phone book and online. Before you call them, perhaps you should ask for referrals from friends and family since they can tell you first-hand how it was like to have hired them.

Once you have a list of moving companies, let them come over and give you an estimate. Compare the rates and then decide which of these companies will offer you a good deal and be able to do the job. Be careful when you are reviewing the quote because some moving companies that offer too good to be true rates sometimes have hidden charges.

To be sure, ask them again if this is all you have to spend rather than having the shock of your life later on with other bills that you have to pay. Find out also if they are licensed and insured since you only want to work with a company that is legitimate.

If you know that the quote is more or less what you will be paying, this is the time you compare this with the quote that tells you how much you will have to pay to rent a truck. Whichever is lower and easier to do will tell you what you should do next.

Relocation does not have to be expensive and also hassle free. You should just do the proper research so you could make the right decision that is good value for your money.