Should parents allow kids the use of Airsoft guns?

When your child is writing his wish list for Santa Claus and you read “Airsoft gun”, don’t jump. Air soft guns are harmless providing safety rules are observed. Airsoft shooting is probably one of the safest and most popular sports enjoyed in the world today. Before you agree or disagree and in particular if you consider purchasing anything and especially anything to do with sports and shooting you always should do some background research.

What are Airsoft guns?

Airsoft guns are realistic-looking TOY guns that fire small plastic bullets to ranges of 25 to 45m at speeds of around 75 – 100 meters per second. Airsoft game is a paintball-like team game that’s originates from Japan.

But let’s give this matter a thought. Forget the air/BB gun you know from when you were a kid. You remember the one that shot out a neighbor’s kitchen window. Maybe someone you know might have already been telling you, it isn’t a BB gun, it’s an Airsoft gun. It shoots a light weight (soft) plastic BB. It will not break the neighbors’ windows.

In fact, Airsoft guns have been around for almost 30 years. While many of the air guns were used for hunting, Airsoft guns are designed for recreational activities such as paintball.

Types of Airsoft Guns:

There are 3 different types of Airsoft guns available:

Spring operated guns work on mechanical power. For each shot, you need to cock the gun by pulling back the bolt.

Gas powered guns use compressed carbon dioxide to shoot the BB.

The electric Airsoft guns are the most complex guns. They are the most commonly used and widely available type of Airsoft gun. Good for both of experts and beginners, especially for beginners.

Instead of shooting metal pellets of BBs, these guns fire a 6 millimeter plastic BBs’. Combined with the lower barrel velocities, this mean these guns are safer to operate.

But which one should you choose? Some are cheap gas and electric air soft guns from $50 to $200. These guns are for those beginner players that are just starting out. The more experienced players play with markers that cost anywhere from $ 400 to $ 2000 plus.


Like other sports there are lots of different accessories that come with Airsoft Guns: scopes, masks, holsters, slings, chargers, targets, tactical vests, apparel, and more. Also, Airsoft upgrades and modifications, Spring and Gas Airsoft Gun upgrades, external Airsoft Electric Gun (AEG) upgrade, internal Airsoft Electric Gun (AEG) upgrades, mounts, and weaver rails.


Now, the question if you should allow your children to use an Airsoft gun?: Well after hundreds of neighborhood Airsoft battles involving a dozen or so kids, there has not been any reported injuries. Unlike football which often can result in a broken thumb or knee, Airsoft has been a very safe activity for children and adults.

You will see these generations of kids were raised on riding helmets and seatbelts just automatically wear protective gear without thinking about it.

All players should be wearing the proper equipment. Everyone should be wearing safety glasses and the proper attire. When using these markets, make sure the safety is on until you are ready to shoot because these markers can go off accidentally, almost like a real gun. Make sure that when you play that these guns are regulation and are allowed to be used where you play.

Observe the law and observe your and other people’s safety at all times.