Should I Let Her Pick The Ring

The Benefits of Having her Pick the Ring

If your future spouse is very particular about her jewelry selection, then chances are good that she will want to play a key role in the selection of her engagement ring. Determining what kind of lady your future spouse is will be important when first deciding whether or not you want to involve her in the engagement ring selection process. After all, you know her well, but when it comes to engagement rings, you are both are new territory with each other.

It is important that you ask your future bride if she wants to play a role prior to taking her to the jewelry shop or to keeping her out of the selection process. If you are unsure, then ask her friends what she might like. Next, spend some quality time with her alone in the shop looking at sizes, style and colors. If you have a budget, don’t tell her. Let her look around on her own first, then look for rings within your price range.

If you are unsure as to whether or not your future bride will want to play a role in the selection process, then review these few benefits of having your future bride select the ring on her own.

1. She will get the cut she wants.
Many brides have strong opinions when it comes to the cut of the ring. The cut of the ring is the shape of the diamond and it varies greatly across the board. Some women love the round cut, while others love the idea of having a square diamond. You will not have to bear the guilt or uncertainty of selecting a ring that she will not like if she selects the cut on her own.

2. You know you have the right color.
Just about every woman chooses to wear either one color of jewelry or another. Some women wear silver while others wear gold. Likewise, some women prefer platinum to anything else. When you take your future bride to the shop, she can help you learn which color ring she likes best. Even if she does not select the final ring, at least you will know you have gotten the color right.

3. She will select the size.
Many men are not sure what size they should select for their engagement rings. Some women like big diamonds and others find them to be gaudy. When your future bride selects the ring on her own, she is able to tell you what size she prefers, helping to leave out any room for uncertainty on your end.

There are many benefits to having your future bride select her engagement ring. However, you have to sacrifice and element of surprise when you let her know in advance that an engagement is on the way. Weight the benefits against the downfalls to make a decision that is right for you two.