Should I Get a Perm Hairstyle

It seems people are never happy with what they have. The woman with straight hair wants it curly. A woman born with tresses that are curly and full of body wants that hair straight. It seems when it comes to hair, the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence.

With this fact in mind, it’s important to remember, there are ways to achieve drastically different looks with the hair. Thanks to chemical treatments like perms, those with very straight hair can enjoy curls. And, thanks to chemical straightening options, those with curls can enjoy a straight look.

But, even with these options available, not everyone with straight hair should go for perms. And, not everyone with curls should consider straightening. A lot will depend on the condition of the hair before the procedure and even the type of hair itself as to whether the process will create a big mess or be a big hit.

For those who want to explore the options of a new look, the most important thing is a willingness to listen to a trusted stylist. The man, for example, who has been advised not to perm his hair because it will break and look awful, only has himself to blame for the resulting hair disaster.

Before going ahead with a chemical hair treatment like a perm or straightening, it’s important to:

* Make sure the hair is as healthy as possible. This means going for frequent cuts to remove split and broken ends and using proper hair products for cleaning and conditioning. It might take a little time to get the hair as healthy as possible, but the resulting look will be more than worth the effort.
* Don’t be afraid to ask the stylist for suggestions. These folks make their living by making you look better. Trust their advice. They don’t want to perm hair that will burn and break. If a stylist says it’s a bad idea now, listen and wait.
* Remember, not all hair even in its best condition takes perms or straightening procedures correctly. Sometimes those with thinning hair will be best off not getting a perm at all. Or, those with incredibly curly hair might want to avoid the amount of harsh chemicals they’d have to endure for straightening.

Hair science has come a very long way in helping people achieve different looks, but it’s important to listen to stylists’ advice. Hair that’s damaged, broken or just plain wrong for a certain style should not be treated. Other options are available and with the right stylist doing the work, almost any head of hair can be made to look like a million bucks.