Should Bodybuilders Take Vitamins?

Absolutely! Bodybuilders need supplements more than the average person because we put such a heavy burden on our bodies daily. Also, we may tend to drift into anabolics (both legal and illegal) that carry some pretty heavy side effects. So, what is a good vitamin regimen for the average bodybuilder? I am about to give you what I think is the best supplements that a bodybuilder can take in order of importance. First, you want to take a GOOD multi and just because it comes in a PACK doesn’t mean it is good. Find one from a reliable health food store and have them suggest a good one. Make SURE IT DOESN’T CONTAIN IRON IF YOU ARE A MAN! It has a high dose of Vitamin C along with chelated minerals and solid doses of everything you need. Second, you need to take a good Vitamin E product, not something in the value isle at your grocery store. Vitamin E has advanced past what you get in a supermarket, there is a new version of vitamin E called High Gamma E. I am not going to explain how it works, just understand that it is a much better form of vitamin E. The next thing that I feel is most important for good health is a solid Fish Oil supplement. Fish Oil is amazing and protects your heart, liver and brain from damage and decay. You can’t take just one though and expect to see any benefit. Fish Oil is cheap and you need to take at least 6 gel caps per day. Steroid users should be taking 12 capsules per day to ward off the liver and heart issues. Now that we have the basics covered, we can move on to more exotic supplements for anti-aging and joint repair. CoQ10 is a enzyme co-factor that is great for keeping your heart and brain healthy and is overall a very good supplement for anyone interested in anti-aging (30-100mg per day). ALA or Alpha Lipoic Acid is even better because this anti-oxidant is also used by body builders to make insulin more active! It actually acts like some prescription insulin potentiators which is a fancy way of saying it makes insulin more effective at carrying nutrients into your body (200-500mg per day with meals).

Unfortunately I am sitting here with wrist wraps on while I type this because my wrists are killing me. I guess I shouldn’t under estimate the value of healthy joints, which is why I suggest that ALL bodybuilders take a good Glucosamine and Chondroiton supplement. Watch out for the ones that use Glucosamine HCL instead of Glucosamine Sulfate. You want Glucosamine Sulfate, since that Sulpher molecule is necessary and is the form all of the positive studies used. I am starting 1500mg of Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitan Sulfate per day so I can get back to lifting without pain. There is nothing more sad than seeing an older bodybuilder that hasn’t kept his joints in good health. Finally, if you do take steroids or even just for the health benefits, drink plenty of Pomegranate juice (also available as a supplement, just DO NOT get the one with ellagic acid).

Don’t just pick any of them off the shelf, many are “cut” with grape juice which is empty carbs. What will this do for you? Well, it shrinks the prostate, cleans clogged arteries and reduces oxidation in the body. It’s truly the drink of champions and NECESSARY for bodybuilders that take anabolic steroids. Well, that wraps it up and I hope that this helps you choose supplements that will keep your health in check. There is no amount of money that can replace a healthy body, so make sure you budget for some good supplements in your quest to get huge!

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